Stoneland Gnoll hunt

  • It has come to my attention that large number of gnolls are causing trouble in the Stonelands desert, attacking and killing the local Beldine tribes. While the exact cause of there aggression is currently unknown, I consider said tribes under my ward and will react accordingly.

    I want the gnoll camps found and destroyed and there raiding parties eliminated. So I offer rewards of up to 10000 coin for the camps and 500+ coin for minor raiding parties. I will also be making regular trips into the area, so please feel free to welcome to join me in my investigation.

    A young blue dragon is also active in the region. I would desire words with her/him, adventurers who manage to facilitate a meeting can expect rewards up to 5000 coin. Adventures are also strongly advised not to attack such dragon, since blue dragons tend to watch there young, and I have no desire to deal with a angry adult dragon to protect a idiot. Wiser adventures are reminded that blue dragon like gemstones and are quiet reasonable if treated with respect.

    Shui Fang (Serepent or Militia Tower)

    Screenshot minor raiding parties, just have the battle log open showing “gnoll dead!”

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