Letter for Adrian at the WSI

  • Hello Adrian.
    I saw your bulletin notice about expeditions and exploration.
    I'll have you know there isn't a single ruin, crypt or mysterious dungeon back home that I haven't delved into, and quite a few crevices explored in between there and this city on my trip to Arabel as well!
    I'd love the thrill of exploring some new ones here, and I might have a few propositions to interest you if you've got the adventurers boiling blood in you just as I do!

    ~Percilus, the Adventurer

  • Admin [DM]

    Glad to know Percilus.

    There's much to do, from Netherese ruins in the desert to a mystery ancient machine just below the city begging to be activated once again! I also need to find components to create a few summoning circles and portal to other planes...

    Pack your bags and come find me whenever you can and we depart.

    ~ Adrian.

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