Royal Proclamation

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    By order of His Magesty King Azoun, Fifth of His Name, let it go forth to all the Realm....
    • Our beloved Lord Darstan Ebonhawk, First of His Name has been elevated to Lord of the Realm in peerage. Furthermore Lord Ebonhawk is granted the Title of Warden of the Realm, Northern March and granted Arabel as His house's seat.

    • We mourn the loss of Lord Cuthbert Hawklin, former Warden of the North and friend to the Crown. In his name we re-instate the Helmite faith, under the stewardship of Bishous Erica Suskin and her named successor. Furthermore we recognize their exemplary efforts to safe guard the city and our beloved subjects regardless of personal cost and so recognize and honour the deceased Lord Cuthbert Hawkling, Sir Dane Highweather, Dame Vaaledra Athildith and the Fellowship of the Gauntlet for their service and sacrifice.

    • The war of the Heavens has ended and the Crown offers amnesty and forgiveness to all those who followed the call of their faith thereby being at odds with the Crown, if they but bend the knee and reaffirm their oath of fealty.

    • A state of Martial Law no longer shall exist in the realm of Cormyr.

    • The Crown so orders the re-instatement of Judge Johan as Head Justice of Arabel with all the rights, honours, and privileges.

    Let peace and security once again blanket the realm and all loyal subjects unite and rebuild.

    [Affixed is the seal of the Royal Council of Cormyr]

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