Sealed Letter to the Heralds of Cormyr

  • As the Divine Champion of Helm and the Sheriff of the North, it is my duty to protect the city of Arabel, but it seems to be a forgotten city in all the recent chaos. We cannot establish law and order without intervention from the crown and I am respectfully requesting an inquistitor be assigned to investigate the unlawful conduct of the militia which has gone on far too long.

    I speak of the murder of innocents, yes the brighteyes were a threat. But I personally witnessed Private Thornlips and Rhyzaer the drow slaughter them helplessly in their prison cells with no lawful permissions to do so and no reason to. The drow used his cursed axe to condemn all their souls for eternity. I left the bloody scene to find out later that Thornlips convinced Lt. Tallstag to murder Captain Sergie for supposely being a brighteye in this chaos, which I find suspicious as I personally worked with Tallstag and it was obvious he resented Captain Sergie. I believe it was outright and unjust murder.

    In addition, Lt. Tallstag then claimed the militia for his own, and granted Rhyzaer the Southeast region... an act of treason as only the King should grant land. Lt. Tallstag raged war on the brighteyes, and while I admit some broke the laws, many were just innocent, hard working citizens that chose to worship the Glory. I watched in horror as an innocent artist was killed and as the drow slaughtered a child in the street to prove he could. The glory followers were the ones to put him down, a just and righteous act.

    The militia is an evil joke now, which the citizens cannot trust. There are a few good militia men but they have no power over Tallstag who is running it with an iron fist. Arabel continues to be under martial law even though the Glory has for the most part died off. And in this martial law, there remains no court system as Judge Johan was ran off and is in hiding, Lord Hawklin was murdered by Lady Ebonhawk, and Tallstag basically has taken full power of the city.

    I formally request the following:

    Tallstag be investigated for murder of Captain Sergie and treason against the crown.

    Lt. Thornlips be investigated for the murder of prisoners, and an accomplice for the murder of Captain Sergie, and an accomplice of treason against the crown.

    Lady Ebonhawk be charged with the Murder of Lord Hawklin, of which there were many witnesses.

    Judge Johan, or another judge, be immediately put in place and a court system re-established for Arabel.

    Martial law be removed formally from the City of Arabel.

    Very Respectfully,

    Sheriff Mildred Hatchet-Prize
    Divine Champion of Helm

  • Admin [DM]

    ...A horseman dressed in the uniform of the Royal Scouts returns..

    An envoy of the crown will call for you soon to discuss the past and future of the North.

    Samson Cooper
    Royal Scout

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