• Brother,
    I have been placed into House Bleth as a deputy. Lady Bleth has stated that I can keep my oaths to the Glory and still serve her. I am actively looking to bring Tallstag and to a lesser extent, Fang to justice. They are both to strong for me to defeat in direct combat. So I will have to try to bring the WarWizards to the city.

    Keep the others safe,

  • Brother,

    I will do the best I can to ensure the safety of the people in the south-west. I am grateful that you are alive, and the frustration of knowing you were to be executed and that I could do nothing did much to harm my faith. I am proud that you were able to remain true to your purpose to the very end. It speaks to your character, and I have faith that we will build a better kingdom from these ashes.

    With hope,

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