a Letter to Glim at the house of creation

  • Dear Glim of the house of creation.

    I hope this letter finds you well, I hope I can ask advice from a master of mechanics,metallurgy and elementalism. I have found a mace made of adamantine. The war band has no idea how to reforge or work this metal, firstly I though what fire do we need, after doing some research summoning and binding a primal elemental is FAR beyond my purview of knowledge. Dealing with Azars and fire gaints for special coals is also dicey.

    I was hoping you could prehaps enlighten me on both the metal and how to work, and a back of plan of how to capture a said elemental, it is said you have equipement for that task. I am hoping we can come to some sort of agreement or prehaps you can impart some knowledge on our local smith the warband has.

    This weapon we are making goes to killing the house sized demonic spider that roams the forest near by, I stay at the serpent I hope to hear back from you I do know you are busy. Thank you for what ever time and words you can spare, should you require compensation some form of agreement can be worked out.

    War band Priestess of Solonor Rodia.

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