Sealed Letter to Shui Fang Delivered at the White Serpent Inn

  • Dear Shui Fang,

    As requested, I have written you a report regarding the events of the night that Bright eye cultists were slaughtered in their cells and Captain Sergie was murdered.

    On that night, Kanthea's tower was ablaze, and the cultists were rioting, and Kanthea rose above the flames and warned that Arabel and the militia needed to see to it that the Bright Eyes were culled. There were rumors they were going to attack her tower and the fear that the demons behind Kanthea's vault. It was chaos.

    That was when the drow, Rhylzaer presented himself. Private Thornlips was pushing that something be done, anything, before the tower might be attacked or the riots grew worse. And the drow said he could take care of the cultists and make sure their souls never reached the angels by giving them to his God. I was horrified by it, and I argued, but the streets were being overtaken by rioting cultists. Thornlips insisted she would go with the elf, and all I had to do was simply look away. And I agreed, my failure and a lack of judgement, but I did. A sin I have never forgiven myself for and take full responsibility of should it come to that.

    Thornlips and Rhyzaer ran off into the night, and I stood there watching the fires and trying to protect the tower. But it did not sit with me well. I knew it was wrong. And then this half orc brighteye Valli approached me. She reasoned to me that I was condemning their souls and the drow had only tricked me. His axe would condemn them forever to serve a drow god. I had condoned their murders. I looked at Vincent Prize who was also present, and announced "We have to stop them!"

    Vali, Prize, and myself ran to the militia as fast as we could, but it was too late. Rhylzaer was already heading into the last cell axing the very last prisoner, Thornlips stood guard, and a river of blood flowed on the floor of the prison. I stood in shock, that drow covered in the pieces of the prisoners. It was the most gruesome scene that I have ever witnessed. In shock, disbelief, I knew not what to do. I walked out of the militia that night, and I knew I could no longer be a part of what it had become.

    They slaughtered helpless Brighteyes in their cells, with no defense what-so-ever. The cultist may have thought of rioting, but truthfully, they were locked up and no threat. But I should have stayed, because after I left, Captain Sergie was murdered by Tallstag, and YES, I use the word murder.

    Captain Sergie was no bright eye, I worked with the man and he was honorable and true militia man. The very cancer of evil that affects the militia is Tallstag. Every lawful move I ever tried to make was shot down by that man. It was always Captain Sergie who would defend my following of the lawbook of Arabel. Tallstag could care less for the law. I know Tallstag saw his opportunity to end the man, and he took it. It should be fully investigated as the murder it was.

    As for Lt. Thornlips, she was a power hungry officer who cared not what it took to get to the next rank. She helped the drow murder the brighteyes, she gave him access to the militia, allowed him in the cells, cheered him on, and became his lover after. She was an accomplice to the murder of Captain Sergie, I have no doubt. It is forever a blemish on the militia, and the very reason that the citizens of Arabel have no faith in their militia.

    And after that Tallstag proclaimed himself Captain of the militia in front of all of Arabel, demanded that all brighteyes be killed, and gave the drow Rhyzaer the Southeast part of the city. THIS is treason, because only a king can grant land. NOT a captain of the militia. Because I refused to kill brighteyes, yes there were extremists, but also many simple brighteyes who just believed in their angels and were lawful citizens. Because I outright refused to kill brighteyes for their beliefs, I became a criminal myself with a ridiculous bounty on my head, placed by Lt. Thornlips.

    I watched that drow kill innocents, not only brighteyes, but children, and citizens simply watching events unfold and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I proudly say I helped to kill him in the end, and would do it again. All of Arabel witnessed these crimes, it is easy to prove them.

    I hope the War Wizards eyes see this report and soon. The war wizards know me, they, know my reputation. I welcome their questions. It is time these wrongs were made right.

    Very Respectfully,

    Mildred Hatchet

  • Your report is appreciated. I pity the poor Warwizard who has to make ethical and legal judgements on this mess, but in the end I know I personalty place most blame on the Glory Angels. They are -suppose- to be wise, yet they created a climate of terror that let the very worse in people gain traction and made horrors seem the only way to survive.

    Hardly the action of the wise who are suppose to care.

    Shui Fang

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