A letter to Olo/Gringle

  • Elven Warband

    Dear Servants of the fire lord

    The war band wishes to reforge an admantine weapon, this means we need fire hotter than any normal fire could hope to produce. I was hoping you could bring forth such a fire in your lords name.

    We hope to fordge another weapon to kill this huge spider. I have a star ruby and ruby dragons heart, two reagents strongly linked to fire should you need them.

    We are searching for an elven holy site to make the blade at, You know where to write me.

    Rodia priestess of solonor.

  • The letter has the words burned into the parchment

    Mistress Rodia

    There is a few ways of accomplishment for your task, all are dangerous and will require proper preparation, the reagents that you hold will be very useful in aiding the one task. The first task is gain a vast some of fire elemental ash, this ash must be rekindled through offerings to Kossuth, and constant heat being poured into them, this will take a great deal of energy and without the aid of a true cleric of Kossuth, or a grand Pyromancer, you will find this task more difficult then you have hoped, for when the ash begins to be rekindled you will have to find a way to control this "primal" flame, for it will burn fast and most likely burn everything around it. Think of it as a flash of lightning, but instead of just a flash a constant flare for as long as it can burn. I would fear that the flame would burn your elven holy place. So a place to summon this creature would have to be found, and also a continued source of fuel for the creature. A place for the blade to cool, would be more fitting for your holy site. Your Second option is to travel down to the lava tunnels deep in the underdark, and "capture" one of the primal flames that linger near the deep magma pools, again a place to store and keep the creature contained will be needed. The last option is that of more diplomatic, and very unlikely to be accomplished however it might prove more easier then the others, You would have to make contact with a Azer or a Fire Giant, (that is willing to communicate), and bargin for one of their coals that they have. These coals can hold the primal flame for a elf time, and would be very VERY useful if gained, as this can store any of the greater fire elementals that will be needed to heat your blade. However a keen smith will be needed to craft this. I hope this have provided some insight to you and the warband Mistress Rodia. I have a few other rituals but I am afraid that my brother order of the Disciples of the Salamander, are more distasteful for your cause, thou vastly easier then the above challenges. I would speak in person on these, as they are my lords true wrath. Again I hope these give you the keen insight you and the warband require. Flames guide you.


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