Letter to Auhron, marked with a Arabel Militia seal.

  • Dear Auhron

    I've noticed you've been rather quiet as of late, dispite the fact you've been charged with treason and I'm planning to execute one of your brothers, and one who you brought under your banner, for the same charge.

    I also feel it's somewhat proper that I ensure that have I full understanding and statement from you on matter of your rebellion, in the form of writing that I can ensure reaches the Crowns most direct servants, the Warwizards, when Cormyr order is once again made whole, and events are fully reviewed.

    And thus I shall now state the main law you have broken.

    Any domestic conspiracy, plot, or actions that are a direct attempt to overthrow the Crown is considered Treason. Working for a foreign power to spy, disrupt or undermine the interests of Cormyr is also treason. Acts that are deliberately engineered to direly threaten the interests of Cormyr and to undermine its power in the North can be construed as treason. Deliberate acts of unlawful sabotage against the King's Chancellor of Arabel can be construed as treasonous.

    To clarify the power we consider you to be working for is the “Glory” and we consider your leader to be 'Master Pachark', who is clearly enacting false laws and offering false bounties without authorisation from any in service to the Crown.



    It's also fairly obvious you are involved in trying to set up a Glory Theocracy, in direct conflict with the Crowns desire for free faith of any real deity.

    There is considerable legal precedent of this being considered treason in previous legal cases, mostly concerning crime lords and mad cults. So I feel my case is as solid as stone. As you serve this man, you too will be considered a traitor as well, a capital offence, for serving his cause.

    Now I will hear your reply to these charges and explanation of your actions. Please be detailed.

    Special Agent Shui Fang

    PS please don't miss the “i” on the end of my personal name.

    PPS If you have any words you wish to be passed to Amal before his death, I am willing to politely pass them on.

  • Your words are without weight, or reason. Without the blessing of Tyr, your militia lacks any legitimacy. I, as one of his adherents invoke the rite of negation, and declare your laws illegitimate. Yours is a devil backed tyranny and nothing more. That you even claim to still represent Cormyr is disgusting and they would surely put all of you to death if they knew the depths of collective crime. Thus, I need not answer to them.


  • I wasn't aware Tyrs words, spoken as prelude to the attempted Glory invasion and take over of the Material Plane, still held any weight. If you desire to continue to act as a member of invading army. Despite your masters being banished by the Council of Dragon and the world clearly not coming to a end, then you will be treated as a common traitor to the Crown, no different from all the dead Banites traitors who have been executed for serving the Zhentish cause on similar grounds.

    I do not -care- what Tyr supposedly thinks. We are not in a Triad Theocracy, the authority of the law comes from the Crown, and neither of the false Glory legal codes are remotely even in the spirit of his majesty desire with there barbaric punishments used to force conversion by fear and torture and there highly open interpretations designed to make corruption and abuse easy.

    Furthermore I find you a disgraceful man who King Bahamut who find most disgusting, in the way you sacrifice the weak for your own sake and show no sense of responsibility or affection for the wyrmlings in your care known as Amal and Reas. So don't act like your some righteous man stranding before tyranny, when your personal conduct is so poor.

    You are a disgrace to your god and will cause more damage to the reputation of your faith than any Banite plot ever could. In fact in years to come I predict Banite preachers will talk of these day as proof that the Triad are nothing but power hungry, intolerant and barbaric crusaders, and you as a dead criminal with hands caked in blood.

    Keep hiding away in South West if you wish. Sooner or latter it will return to Crown compliance and you will have to hide in the sewers like the filthy rat you are. My only hope at this it can be done so without much violence.

    Special Agent Shui Fang

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