Sheriff Forum

  • Can I get a private forum for the sheriffs and deputies? I got 3 now... Vincent Prize, Ined, and Adrian.

  • Ok make that 4 deputies now (Add Amal) with a possible 5th. Can I get a Sheriff forum pretty please?

  • Admin [DM]

    Question, why not try to make them privates and use the militia forum? 🙂

  • Because the militia has turned so evil and dirty none of the deputies or Mildred would agree to join it. Mildred was appointed by Judge Johan and Hawklin to be sheriff because of that. So basically those interested in actually being "good" and enforcing actual law are being given another option. We could combine with the militia forum as our duty is to help them, but because the militia has been so dirty I dont think they would want this.

  • As a player who joined the cause, if you are interested in my opinion, this is a curious opportunity to create tension in the struggle for official powers and authority.
    The militia is a militaristic organization representing the city army and guards. Like the police and regular troops, two in one.
    And sheriffs is a small group of highly-trained hand picked agents interested in maintaining order and conducting both public and covert small-scale operations to preserve it, rather than in full-scale fighting and blockades.

    It's like the police against a special agency, so much potential.

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