*letters are sent to Adrian, Auhron.

  • Builders Guild

    the letters are written in a beautiful elvish handwriting

    Trusted piers,

    Amal has been arrested by Special Agent Fang on the charges of slander. She will execute him Thursday. I met with her to discuss the terms of his release on behalf of your council.

    She demanded the immediate release of twelve families from the Southwest district. I explained that the district does not hold families against their will. She then stated we may begin negotiations.

    I suggest we meet and discuss how we wish to respond. A counter offer would be entertained. She claimed Amal was just a lowly soldier of the Glory and not worth much to her as a bargaining piece. However, this is an attack by the militia on both districts. It must be dealt with swiftly.

    -Flawless Sword

    @dagonlives @Haquin

  • Admin [DM]

    We'll speak soon.

    ~ Clarion

  • Angels of Glory

    Amal's fate was chosen by the Glory, when he decided to duel and failed. He is honorable enough to not concede his beliefs in the face of death. We may speak as to an arrangement. This has occurred much as I told both of you. They will not stop. However, I won't negotiate for his life. Not with devil-worshippers. Not even in the face of doom itself may our oaths of the paladin be broken.


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