Letter left at Hawklin eastate

  • Mildred Hatchet-Prize.
    This one is known as Iden. In Arabel he looking for the knowledge left by sage of the old. But despite his desire for neutrality, the imbalance of forces in the city will become a hindrance. In this situation, Eden considers it prudent to associate himself with the power of a spotless reputation. In this situation, Iden considers it prudent to associate himself with a force aimed at restoring the balance of power and having a clean reputation.
    Iden offers his knowledge and judgement as a warrior-scholar in exchange for advantages of faction member.

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    Greetings Iden,

    I look forward to meeting with you. I will send for you from Hawklins Estate and we can talk further. I seek like-minded individuals to restore law and order to Arabel and to make sure that the militia indeed follows the very laws they are supposed to enforce. I plan to work alongside them to make them a stronger and better organization, but at the same time to make them accountable for their actions. The corruption needs to stop, and I have seen first hand how far the militia has fallen.

    I will seek you out soon,
    Helm protect you,
    Sheriff Mildred Hatchet-Prize

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