The Purifying Flame return to the Ash.

  • The Purifying Flame is to again head to the shrine of Kossuth, to seek out the answers that are needed, to honor the lost of Mistress Ahashri, and to seek out his flame. ALL ARE WECLOME to join the followers of Kossuth, do know however that you will tread on neutral lands, and the Firelord will see to those who wish to use this gathering of his holy flame as a means to benefit their cause, and he will make sure that no ash will remain. This is journey to shrine we ask that any wishing to ask the Firelords blessing or boon, that you bring gems and jewels to be burned in his name. Those who seeking answers or questions, should also join us, and bring the same sacrifice. This journey will be dangerous as we travel through the stonelands, and then the Volcano in the north. So we ask that you come prepared. We are to gather at the World Serpent Inn. Speak to Master Gringle or Olo for any questions. We travel in a few days time. //Tuesday the 30th of April 6pm EST, we will begin gathering and probs head out around 6:30-7.//

    Fire Guide Us.
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  • @MatticusTheGreen

    /// world clock?

  • //so 11pm my end in just over a day... easy to be there 🙂

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