The Chalsembyric Ideal.

  • Angels of Glory

    The prophecy was adverted, and the city yet stands. Men of Good nature, who wish to clean up what has been destroyed are needed. Help us create a Chalsembyr on Faerun, one brick laid at a time.

    The legendary city that Torm ruled over, Chalsembyr was a bastion of light and beauty and good governance. This is your opportunity as the people of this City to bring light to Arabel, a city that was so infected with darkness it required the most drastic and unfortunate purge.

    Let us build it together anew, and bring hope back once more.

    Let us defy the blackguards and devil worshippers who turned to foul powers so that they might hold unto their earthly delights.

    The gates of Celestia open to the worthy. Let us create one here and now, with every swing of our steel, and every word spoken in grace.

    Freedom and beauty must be bought and paid in blood. Evil must be opposed at any cost. Such is the price to look upon a better tomorrow.

    Write to me and my Brethren. Offer us your steel, and we shall offer you our Glory.

    Sword of Justice,
    of the bloodline of the Aasimon,
    Paladin of Torm, and the Glory.

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