Letter to Shui Fang from Mildred Hatchet-Bleth

  • Dear Shui,

    I hope this letter finds you well. As you know, Vincent and I are living at the Tilverton estate he inherited. I have heard you are now a special agent with the militia, and it is a relief to know that there is now some hope that law can be restored for Arabel. I would like to return and offer you my help, for as you know I was appointed sheriff by Hawklin, one of his last acts before he went brighteye. I could return to the Hawklin estate and Vincent is willing to support me in this. But there is that matter of the ridiculous bounty that was put on my head by Thornlips. You know better then anyone I was never an angel supporter as Helm advised me against them. Yes, I said I would protect cultists, and in fact any citizens from that blood crazed drow. And I admit I helped take him down in the street after he killed that child. But you and I worked together on trying to figure out a way to reach the cultists and convert them. And you know I was actually working to solve the situation peacefully as we were diligently working on that when the militia fell into ruins. It was a ridiculous bounty put on me by a woman who had it out for me, wished to destroy my career, and was bedding a murderous drow.

    Can you see what you can do to get that bounty dismissed? In return, I can help the militia to return law and order to Arabel. We always worked well together and you know I would be an asset to the militia, perhaps they would be willing to dismiss the bounty given the changing tide. I ask that you talk to your superiors, let me know if this is an option?

    There is the matter of me being a noble as well... A title Vincent relishes but if I am being truthful, it's a bit uncomfortable to me. Still if it would lower the crime to a fine, we can certainly pay one. Let me know if the militia will negotiate. Seems everyone else is being given amnisity for that time. I truly hope I can return to Arabel. I've missed you, friend.


  • recieved

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