Bounties of the Glory

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    Zealous Arabellans!

    We witness the tyranny and evil of the Militia, bringing into the fold pious followers of the Tyrant Queen Tiamat and their red wyrmlings of destruction. Now they dangle the riches of material wealth and glory upon your brow to lure you into acts of malevolent greed.

    We offer something far greater- absolution of sin, vindication from wrongs, repentance from the higher planes. These indulgences offered, are offered to all- provided they do good works as penance for their past misdeeds, or allow them to climb the twelve mountains of celestia to a higher plane of existence in the next world.

    We hereby declare:

    The Harlot Dragon of Red, Shui Fang, is a menace to the greater gods of good and their faithful. We offer the indulgence of erasing thy sin and allowing you to enter the second mountain of Celestia. Further, we shall bless a piece of equipment in the name of the Glory in their name.

    The Infernalist Tallstag- self proclaimed wicked man of evil, this man festers in the sores of the King of Hell and revels in his caprice and vanity. The fourth gates of celestia shall open to you and armor befitting the Glory shall be yours.

    Master Pachark

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