The Tenants of Master Pachark [Laws of SW Arabel]

  • [These bulletins cover the Southwest district of Arabel, which is under control of the remaining Glory zealots]

    1. If any being commits acts of murder against any citizen(s) of Enlightened Arabel, they will be purged in holy flame for all to witness.

    2. If any being commits sacrilege against the divine connection of Glory, they will be tried before the tribunal of the will of the gods.

    3. If any being seeks to support or enact the law of the militia, they will be judged before the mercy of Glory and receive their sentencing based on crimes committed. This means that no Militia are permitted as acting or serving members in Enlightened Arabel.

    4. If any being acts against those who influence the Tenants of Master Pachark, they will be witnessed before Enlightened Arabel as faithless and made to walk through their shame.

    5. Finally, all citizens of Enlightened Arabel are under the safe protection of our fair district. For this reason, we have increased our border security and our insuring our citizens do not get displaced from our fair district.

    The sinners must pay for crimes committed in the eyes of Glory.

    So sayeth Master Pachark

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