Letter to Shu Feng

  • Drag me to your dungeons if you dare, wretch. You are more likely to turn your tail and run.

    Sword of Justice.

  • Shall I drag -all- your comrades too?

    I have a city to put back together, you might prove key to doing so with little bloodshed in the south west. I won't pretend to be your friend and I won't pretend to like you, but you come to me and help me achieve a bloodless end, then you might earn chance to one day be a free man, and not say a wanted criminal on treason charges who sided with a invading army, or if we are to be honest a corpse after bloody last stand in a tenday or so.

    I would obviously prefer the most vorel, interesting and far far far more reasonable Reis aid in this matter, but I've not seen her in over two tendays, so unless Tyche really really smiles on me, I'm stuck with you or Amal in getting a ton of men in South West to ask there true King to forgive them and not turn the South West into a battlefield.

    Regardless if you aid me or not, we both know the South West days as a Glory outpost are all but numbered, the question is just what will the body count at the end be.

    Special Agent Shui Fang


    I'll even throw Amal chance to become a free man one day into the bargain too, because I'm nice like that.


    Regardless if you aid or not, I'm going to save Reis from execution by puling every string I can. Imagine how much I could influence her, with you nothing but a pile of bones, especially if she knows I went to great lengths to save her, and dead you won't be able to stop me will he?

  • You are acting under the assumption that I care whether I live or die. As do my brothers. Duty is a mountain, and we are chained to it. Better planes lie beyond this one for us. But not for you. My soul is yet unstained.


  • And your happy to leave the city a mess? To leave children with no role models? To give up, roll over say "well at least I go to heaven, who care about those who left behind?" I am willing to help you and your comrades come to a peaceful accord with the King and ensure your charges do not come to harm. But you must help me.

    Also if you really are adamant to do the whole "pointless last stand to the death thing", can you least make sure all the children and other inocents are sent out of the South West first? I hate seeing dead children.

    Special Agent Shui Fang

  • Oh. We'll come to an accord. Once the devil worshipers and necromancers and deviants and bloodstone user, and men who massacred innocents to avoid their own demise have all seen justice. Don't play this idiotic game with me. Everyone sees through it.

    Once that's done, I'm leaving this city and taking any cultists with me who decide to join me. It will no longer need men like me.

    We are going to burn the old corrupted woods, for new growth. You should fear the coming of the King of Torches, wretch. Watch your so called allies fall by the side, now that your excesses are bare for all to see, and their world is safe. You gave up your honor for survival, and you won't end this with either.


  • Well I have offered what I can offer. I can face Reis gaze and honestly reply "I sort to give Auhron a honorable way to live" and not fear doubt.

    Back in the war, your Cult excused your high bodycount by stating you were saving them from the end of the world and being damed to hell, what is your excuse now?

    Special Agent Shui Fang

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