To Shui Fang

  • Elven Warband

    Dear Fang

    Why must you be so bitter, you're totally misrepresenting what happened. First you started that fight, you refused a challange, got boons and came back under the cloak of invisability. Then you cry we took something from you, the warband didn't take anything from you Dealen did.

    For once stop your lying deceictful ways and post the truth of what REALLY happened, seriously I've met children better behaved then you're acting about this entire thing.

    Now I am a reasonable woman, you can come talk to me and maybe we can do something or you may continue to act like a spoiled child.

    Rodia Arrow of Solonor

  • Say what you want, but way I look at it, you have three options as a warband

    This is Dealen being Dealen and the elves are not interfering in human politics. In which case he must be officially and formally thrown out of the warband for his power grab and will be treated as separate power from your group.

    Dealen is part of the warband, and the power grab was a mistake. In which case -he- must formally return his stolen title back to myself, in writing, in public.

    Dealen is part of the warband and you wish to interfere in human politics. In which case you must formally explain as a group and how you plan to keep peace and order in southeast.

    I give you till the tendays end to get your story in order, there are no other options and there will be consequence, possibly quite dire legal ones for your warband and its house if you refuse to pick one. I advice you talk deeply with Kyre about this, I get the impression he doesn't want to upset the Crown, who I now represent in legal capacity, and the consequences of this could be quite severe.

    Special Agent Shui Fang

  • Elven Warband

    Funny I've read you laws,techinally in you poster you NAMED us guardains. Thus legally ours if you want to get into this discussion. Secondly The title of guardian isn't offical in this cities law.You arguement in this format has no merit.

    Care to try again? this time read your law book please?

  • Builders Guild

    Unless I’m mistaken, the leader of the Militia declared himself a warden of Arabel. Has this been corrected? Are you now under the watchful gaze of Cormyr and supported by House Ebonhawk?

    You claimed something through strength of arms, and immediately lost it. You attacked my kin in the streets in an attempt to take his life. You work with Drow and orcs who plagued the district with Rot and Decay.

    Fang, I am no Paladin. I am a weapon of the elves. A Protector of Tel’Quessir. I live and breath to support my people. So when a coward strikes at my brother, I put the cowards down. It is my purpose.

    Daelen was born with the blood of the elves in his veins. He is of the warband. One does not cast away their heritage. Asking us to denounce him is like asking me to stop breathing, or fighting.

    However I will give you mercy, this one last time. If only for the love I bare for the few kin we share.

    Apologize publicly for attacking Daelen in such a cowardly manner, and take down the posters stating the warband is claiming any part of this human cesspool, and you will be forgiven.

    If you do not take down the slanderous posters regarding the Warband taking parts of the city, I will take your wings.


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