The Spiderzilla Hunt!

  • I have seen the SPIDERZILLA and its DROW companions and it is a truly frightening BEAST!

    I, Tavi the Beastmaster, shall claim the legs of this spider and build a grand trophy with it!

    I am seeking fellow hunters to band together with me as we HUNT the lands for power to slay this monster!

    Rewards shall be given! Gold shall be earned! Prestige shall be taken!

    Who is with me??

    Tavi the Spider Slayer
    World Serpent Inn

  • I shall make a spear from its fangs. I shall join you!


  • Angels of Glory

    If the foul denizens of the dark come forth and make prey of a vulnerable region, then I am compelled to end this threat. The dark-elves shall die.


  • I will hunt alongside you if it is truely dark elves you have spotted.

    Autumn Scales

  • Admin [DM]

    Count me in.

    ~ Clarion

  • Builders Guild

    Twice I have fought this creature and twice it has bested me.

    Know that the creature you call foe has broken its demonic shackles and bested Drow high wizards and priestesses alike.

    It will not beat me again.

    The Flawless Sword is with you.


  • I'll join ya.

    Merim Hillfoot
    Best shot in the world
    Private Squacks

  • Iden posses great interest in the seemingly sentient arachnid. If he would be ready to join by the time of the hunt, he would provide beneficial resonance in exchange for content of the spider cephalothorax.


  • Alright fellow hunters of the SPIDERZILLA!

    I got new information on this BEAST! It was made by some drow from HOUSE VINDACAR!

    Find out all ya can about this house, hunters!

    ALSO! I now possess a special SPIDER SLAYER WHIP to be used to kill this thing and its spawn.


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