Proclamations of Guardian Fang

  • I proclaim the South East District to be now under ward of the Council of Dragons and myself to be Guardian Fang, She Who Is Dragon, Vassal of Dieldrilth the Bedine, she who Vorel, she who is Othokent, and effective ruler of the district.

    Order and peace will be returned and maintained to these streets and the influence of the cults ended. In order to bring this vision to pass I therefore announce the creation of the Peacekeepers Initiative. As you can likely summarise from the name, their duties will concern with keeping with keeping the district peaceful, it's people safe and the law enforced.

    Exceptional Peacekeepers will be offered opportunity to follow my path and become Dragon, through they do not need to worship draconic gods to join. On the contrary the Peacekeepers are a religiously neutral organisation, and I actively encourage those of Hoar and Helm to join, as with the Triad now being infected with the insanity that is the Glory and no longer interested in protecting the innocent or enacting just law, your lords stand best positioned to fill the gap and as such I would greatly welcome your support in doing so in my district.

    On law, a new new legal code is currently being worked on, and learned persons are encouraged to seek me or my brother Clarion on how to best to shape it. For now it will broadly be based on the Arabel legal code, pre the Glory insanity, with the following changes:

    Red Mother beings and Glory Angels are to be treated in the same light as demons and devils. Summoning/creating them is a capital level offences as is rites that call on there power.

    Preaching for either is forbidden. Through in a supreme act of generosity and mercy on my part. Preaching for the Glory will not be a instant capital level offence, through fates worse than death may await those who don't take the polite hint to cease after the first case. Furthermore merely following the Glory will not be considered a crime, as long as you keep your faith out of public earshot.

    Glory solders who keep there weapons in peaceknot and there helmets off will be allowed to wander through the district unarmed. Through I won't tolerate groups above five in number. Note you are allowed to break peaceknot in self defence or reasonable defence of others. Also note that lawbreaking punishments are likely to be far harsher if you abuse my mercy. If you seem overly keen to reach heaven, I will ensure you don't

    The miasma of the Rot has clearly become a health hazard to the people of the district. Out of respect of the Rotting One's actions against the Red Mother and Glory, if the miasma can be reduced and restricted to something that can be reasonably defined as shrine, it will be considered a protected holy site with all the legal weight that suggests. However due to it being health hazard, there will be no negative consequence if a group removes it.

    Guardian Shui Fang
    Vassal of Dieldrilth the Bedine

  • Daelen of the elven warband of the Phoenix, Servant of Lady Alesha of House Starym has took over Southeast Arabel from me by force of arms.

    He is now Guardian Daelen, and as such none of my previous proclamation are in effect. There is no law and no Peacekeepers, there is only what Guardian Daelen dictates and enforces.

    Please note that despite the gold dragon blood in his veins, Guardian Daelen was never a Brother of the Scale and never received any form of wisdom from the Council of Dragons, in fact the only act of any real note I remember him doing during the War with the Glory was fighting for a archangel, because he had a feud with Wulfrik of Queen Tiamat.

    However he is most certainly a servant of the elven House of Starym and as such, his power grab is in thats Houses name. Make any complaints to the elven warband if he rules poorly.

    Former Guardian Shui Fang
    Vassal of Dieldrilth the Bedine

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