The Purifying Flame has reached and showered the shrine of Kossuth with treasure.

  • We of the Purifying Flame, have reached the shrine of Kossuth, we offered vast number of gems, jewels and rare treasures to Kossuth, we have asked for the Purifying Flame, to remove the Red Mother from the land, we have prayed and asked for our lords blessing. However the fire was to be lit, and with great sadness and lost, I inform the city, that our priestess mistress Ahashri has given herself to the fire, and chose to bathed within the lava of Kossuth, her soul now heats the flame of our prayers to Kossuth. Let it be known we are to return to the shrine to purge the Red Mother. ALL ARE WELCOME to join us on our next journey to the Volcano. Flames guide us.

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