The Purifying Flame travel to the Shrine of Kossuth

  • Dear the faithful, Dear the user of Flames, Dear the ones that wish to pure this world

    The Purifying Flame flock of Kossuth are to travel to the shrine of Kossuth, to pledge sacrifices to his mighty pyre, in order to gain answers and the required flames needed to destroy the Rot in the Southeast District of the City of Arabel, and to remove the Red Mother from the forest, a grand and pure flame will remove all that corruption from this world.
    Be you who trusts in the end times, those who do not, who that only seek to witness greatness, ALL ARE WELCOME. To witness his mighty flame, those who are to gather and aid the Flock of The Purifying Flame, gather outside the Serpent 3 days from now. //Will be gathering between 9pm EST and 10 EST this Friday the 19th//
    The Journey will be rough, but all are welcome, bring proper requirements to deal with some of the most vile creatures of this land, If you wish to make a donation to Kossuth Gems are wonderful donation to his flame

    Come all to witness the warmth of his Boon, and All who wish to bask in his grand glory

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