Pilgrims spawn bug

  • Was doing this quest with a there man party, and the demons, with the hammer of the gods spell, spawn in a group of about 10 😔 Two of the group were killing so fast by the unblockable damage, it wasn't remotely avoidable.

    We did however have three summoned dragons in the party, which I feel might have triggered it.

  • Actually we had this happen on Haunted Island too, Rodia (crazycleriz) spawned upper level summons and we were all attacked by level 13 wizards and 3 of 4 of our party were wiped out.

  • Summons and animal companions increase the difficulty. The game considers those as PCs and "balances" accordingly when they pass trigger points.

    So use summons and companions sparingly!

  • Builders Guild

    Having a level 13 in party does make a quest more difficult. Though it's more of a "plan for the worst" difficulty I feel where strategies need to change instead of blunt force trauma through the quest

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