A Missive for Gytechris

  • Left at the World Serpent Inn

    Peerless and Noble scion of Dragonkind,

    I write to in disbelief, I have been told that the Bahamut, the King of Good Dragons, and my patron has allied himself with Tiamat, the Queen of Evil Dragons. The very idea of this shakes my faith to its core.

    Bahamut’s scriptures taught me that I should seek justice and good above all; honor and fealty to the king; honor and respect to righteous innocence, honor and duty to the Balancer, to the Mercy, and to the Justicemaker, honor and protection to the lesser races; honor and correction to the enemies of justice and good; and honor and forbearance for oneself.

    How can these tenants be reconciled with tolerating the followers of Tiamat? You are said to possess vast wisdom unmatched throughout the lands, are the Zealots which comprise the Glory truly such a threat to the world that the King and Queen have allied themselves to stop their spread?

    The blood of your kind courses through my veins, when I heard the call of the Justicemaker I did not hesitate to answer. I was drawn to Cormyr, and then Arabel by a dream of a city being swallowed in a purple dragon’s maw. This lead me to a woman called Fang, and thus to you. Please impart onto me your wisdom and shepherd me though this crisis of faith, how do I uphold my vows and serve this alliance at the same time? Does the threat posed by the Glory justify the abandonment of my vows?

    Your Humble Servant,
    Lucius Abner
    Knight of the Platinum Dragon

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