To become Dragon

  • I Shui Fang, of the Brothers and Sisters of Scale, now have all I need to attempt draconic ascension.

    The ritual site will not be disclosed, but those who wish to bare witness to a human born nothing but a humble farmers daughter take on new form, that better express her truly draconic soul, should make contact with me, so a proper time can be arranged for all to bare witness.

    Invitation is especially offered to Sons and Daughters of Kossuth and Elven Warband of the Phoenix (unless they commit grand folly). Invitation is also extended to Reis Martin of the Gloy, who has shown me with word and action that she is not grasped by that cults insanity and who I trust to bare witness without murderous intent. As is proper my full oath on her safety is in effect. Unaligned persons are likely to be welcome, but not those of the cults bar the exception above.

    Queen Tiamat will be called to witness
    King Bahamat will be called to witness

    What I will become is only to be guessed at. But my ki will finally be allowed to reshape my form with draconic power. I have confidence in it being Vorel.

    /// So I'm trying to figure out a good day and time for this and I'm going to need a dm for sure. Its likely to last a good hour or so and take place after a bit of mini quest. What works well for people?

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