Laws of the South-West Quarter

  • A number of stone tablets, glowing with a faint golden light begin appearing around the South-West quarter.

    When the Glory rose upon the land, and the Solars of the Host descended, their immortal law became enshrined above the law of Men. Their clarion call rang out, and so it has come to Mortals to enforce their code.

    I, Auhron, exalted servant of the Glory shall enforce this code, ensuring that the kingdom of righteous Celestia may remain sacrosanct, as appointed by the Celestial host, and bearing witness under the Gods of Good.

    1. If a man should animate a creature, or commit act of occultism, let the offending hand be cut off, and his tongue cut if necessary, that he no longer many do so again.

    2. Let those who lay hand against the innocent, or a soldier of the Glory be stripped of their pride, their armor, and beaten with small iron rods that they might bear humility before the Gods.

    3. Let those who commit the sacrilege of blasphemy be humbled, and tithe given to the poor that they better understand their place beneath even the most humble under the Gods.

    4. If a man should commit murder of an innocent or righteous man, most grievous of sin, may he be in turned judged, and be struck down that he not murder again. Should the victim not be found righteous, let him be tithed to the poor of all his coin, and a chain of duty placed upon his neck that should keep him from further sin.

    5. If a man should traffick in artifacts of horrid nature, or bloodstone, or bleakstone, let their possessions be forfeit to the poor. Let repeated offenders be stoned by the public which they so harm.

    6. If a man should bear false witness, let them suffer the fate of the accused that they bore false witness towards. Let them be branded upon the forehead, that all may know their falsehood.

    7. If a man be captured in war, but found of honorable standing, let him be trialed by duel, or by word, that he may earn his place back with his company.

    8. Suffer not the demon, the devil, the alien, the witch or the pact-bearing occultist. They are to be put to death for they offend Celestia most gravely. Let them be staked out before the sun, where the light of the Morninglord shall destroy their forms in a pillar of sacred radiance, leaving nothing of them but ash.

    9. Suffer not the preaching or worship of false gods within our territory, Let them be permitted passage with bowed heads, but preach they shall not. Those that do preach shall have thy jaw broken with blunt object, that they not preach again until healed by the beneficence of Ilmater..

    10. Let the robber of innocents be in turned robbed, that he give up half of his articles owned to the poor or the grieved.

    11 Let the preacher of an evil god be weighed with a heavy stone, one for himself and each of his followers, to represent the weight of his sin until his back should buckle or he accepts the falseness of his path.

    12. Let it be known that all may be redeemed in the eyes of celestia, with great toil. That one who declares for the Glory and wears the Bright-eyes of Celestia be stripped of all past crimes or considerations.

    Know that I, Auhron, of the bloodline of the Celestial of Justice, the bearer of the Solar Quill, The Potentate of the Glory, did write these laws with the vision of Tyr, and the duty bound by Torm. That the guiding light Lathander did gift him inspiration in conduct. That he shall wield these laws fairly, and justly, and exact harsh retribution on those who should break them. With use of the light of Lathander the fury of Torm, and the eye of Tyr does he enforce these sacred duties.

    It appears as if there is room for more laws on these tablets to be added.

  • With the loss of the Angelic Host, these tablets begin to fade..

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