More inns in arabel

  • Elven Warband

    Seriously maybe some of us would like an inn in arabel that isn't in the SE where new Tyrants,despots,cults come to lay claim to it every errant tuesday and claim new rules that rely on PVP

  • Admin [DM]

    Probably won't occur for the foreseeable future. My toolsetting time is limited.

    That isn't to say some other dm won't pick this up- just unlikely.

  • Elven Warband

    next best think new spawn in choices?

  • Admin [DM]

    There is nothing wrong with the WSI btw. there is an exit via the Stormhorns.

  • White Claw Tribe

    And a portal which can be used to travel to different locations.

  • portals stones as far as i know are only in the SE, and the portal words though known to some are rather difficult to obtain. and the stones cost 25 coins each, not a problem for people who are decent at earning coin in game. these are all not problems to me right now, but i can see how a new player might end up feeling overwhelmed (and we are getting new players, i had the pleasure of showing one around the city last evening and showed them some of the ropes)

  • White Claw Tribe

    What's overwhelming about another part of the city?? And besides spiffy said there is a way out which is the stormhorns

  • overwhelmed in that a character of a certain race walking out of the WSI at the wrong time might run into a very intimidating scene, for a established player this is easily not a problem. we know what to expect, but a new player running into it might react one of two ways, roll with it (which is cool) or leave.

    it is all how it is handled, and even though i know what is happening and is at stake, my main character is almost everyone in arabel right now

    i do not know my way around the stormhorns, can you come back after you leave the WSI? or do you have to find your way back from there? exploring is a bit more challenging as it once was (which is good, the sense of danger feels real, and the thrill is good)

    but at times when there are few people on, and the only ones on are the one who would see your character some harm is not really a good combination

    it has been my experience and great pleasure that many of the evil characters are controlled by nice people, so i usually get some nice RP when no one else is on and they are the only people i can RP with(but do not get me character always has one eye on the escape route and my heart is skipping double time)

  • That's part of the server Darlene. Conflict and danger -are- a part of the server. If you're concerned about newer players, it's good that they learn that immediately. Won't do them any good to baby them

  • White Claw Tribe

    CB is right besides most villains wont attack new pc's just to be nice oocly

  • @ANGEL said in More inns in arabel:

    CB is right besides most villains wont attack new pc's just to be nice oocly

    This, very much this. It's good to intimidate someone new, get them right into the atmosphere etc, when playing a villain, but only assholes outright attack them. But i think it's important that new players are not "babied" too much, get them used to the atmosphere of the server. (not attacked or FD'd, but threatened and such)

  • I'm pretty sure that if established players start attacking brand new players right off the bat, those established players would be getting at the least a good talking to from a DM. Generally people playing the not so friendly characters are pretty well versed in how to not make the server suck and undertstand the servers general unwritten code of conduct.

    I'm fairly sure (haven't been around much!) the design is intended to encourage interactions, splitting everything out into multiple places can sometimes limit that, which I think, is why the WSI is a bug "hub" which smushes everyone together.

  • just to clarify, i am not really talking about new pc's

    i am excited to say NEW players! they will eventually get into the groove so to speak and may eventually become some of the big baddies, but until they learn their way around we need to help them find their way into the community, be they the next good or evil person

    on the argument against more inns, having a single place for people to meet is a strong argument, finding people is paramount for new players, and a single inn really helps this a lot (my opinion has been altered by this reason alone, thank you for pointing this out)

    and i do apologize in advance should i send anyone a tell in game when i see names i do not recognize, i am looking to see if the person is indeed new and would like to be shown around, which i try to do in game of course to make it immersive, keeping server advice to the green tells, if they are an established player sorry

    i have found one new person last week and have made note of the player and character name should i see them again

    what i do not want is someone who has a in game dislike to my characters race or what ever to maybe ignore me if they see me wandering with a character that they do not recognize, hard to help someone when i am running away

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