A letter to Ashari and Auhron

  • Elven Warband

    Greetings here I have a draft of the said character, yet to be named

    This character where hereby signed agrees to

    Defend the southeast from tyrants,dictators and mad worshipers

    uphold the peace.

    allow free worship as long as said worship does not threaten or disturb the peace.

    Mend and defend damages from rituals,invasions and other things.

    form a council to make,amend and upkeep laws.

    anything to add ?


  • Rodia,
    I have nothing I can think of that should be added to this.

  • Angels of Glory

    More detail is required. I find the concept of 'free worship' to be a flawed premise in an agreement. Expect my detailed response in the coming days.


    Sword of Justice, Bearer of the Solar Quill.

  • Angels of Glory

    Were it not for the intervention of the one known as Fang. I would have successfully slain or driven off a whitehand orc. She treacherously aided the creature.

    Any compact between us must include the removal and opposition of this creature, which your men have been fraternizing and seen aiding.

    Auhron, Sword of Justice.

  • Elven Warband

    @Dagon you misunderstand, this pact does not include the warbard, Kyre wish to remain neutral a stance we can't hold forever. I do not share his views but he is in command. Imere think you two could prehaps bring order back

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