A letter to Olo

  • Dear Olo

    I hope this finds you in good health, your mistresses band company perks my interest. I hear from you wisdom, I have read of your diety there is indeed sense and order there. I find some of the tenents questionable there for I seek answers.

    I understand your order can be harsh but that doesn't mean evil or bad, like fire can bring death and destruction it also leaves a fertile ground for new life. I accept that fire is a natural cycle of life and death and should be respected as such.

    I think we can share wisdom, however if you support the cruel magicratic rule of thay I am afraid we have little to speak of. I've chosen to see if you represent your god or the thayan beliefs.

    Rodia of the elven warband.

  • Dear Mistress Rodia

    To understand your ally is a wise choice Mistress Rodia. As my own Mistress has given me permission to share with you as much as you require I shall explain our origins, our pilgrimage, and our task now set to us.

    Mistress Ahashri, Firekeeper, Lady of the Purifying Flame, and Ashmaker is our leader, she was chosen at a early age by her father who chose to have her raised in the clergy over pursuing arcane, I met Mistress Ahashri and was tasked to servant her when she was young girl, I have followed and served her for nearly 15 years now. Mistress Ahashri was trained in the Divine arts of Renewal and of course our lords Fire, her goal was given by the High Flamelord after peering into the flame noticing a shifted balance in the east. My Mistress left with myself and we traveled from the Flaming Brazier of Eltabbar. My Mistress places Kossuth above all else and as much as it warms my heart, has attempted to achieve balance within this world, she cares little for the Magocracy, however Kossuth's word is above all else, and the High Flamelord second. She can be kind like a warm fire on a cold night, but she can be as wrathful as a wildfire when needed.

    Master Gringle Woop the 3rd, chosen bard of Mistress Ahashri, Firedancer, he who dines with fire, suitor
    of the Purifying flame, Jester of Flame, and Summer Wind, was a slave that Mistress Ahashri, choose to spare as he was taken in a cage to Etabbar. She told myself that we would require as much aid to our cause, and she felt Master Gringle would lift the spirits of those of our way, and balance our flock at the time, those traveling was only the Mistress and Myself. Master Gringle, as much as he is not from Thayans lands, Master Gringle learned much from Mistress, as he tapped within his own personal flame he gained "bardic" Powers. Master Gringle wishes to aid Mistress Ahashr to the end mortal flame, however he is free to leave if he so chooses. Master Gringle can be "rough" around the edges as his flame burns with wild fire, but he is young and nearly pure of heart. Try to look past his odd ways as he a Gnome first, and Bard second.

    Master Macalroy, was a "Merchant" that Mistress Ahashri spared from a life of imprisonment, as we traveled east we came across our first non Thayan Village, as you would understand many sought us as Red Wizards, and were ready to pyre us, but after the mercy of Mistress Ahashri the village saw that our flock was to balance the world and to serve the flame. When offered a reward Mistress Ahashri asked to view the prison as only one prisoner was being held for "Crimes" of selling shoddy goods to the village. Mistress Ahashri spent many hours talking with Master Macalroy, till his spark was first lit. He saw purpose in our cause and choose to follow Mistress Ahashri as he was reborn within her flame. Master Macalroy is not the most keen warrior, however his knowledge of currency and trade has provided much use for our flock. He is to be watched as his flame is young, and could be swayed, but as of now he serves Master Ahashri till the day he chooses to depart.

    Master Larindire Fivrane, was a young boy picked up at small hamlet on the outskirts of Thayan Borders, his was a slave that Mistress Ahashri freed after noticing his elven bloodline. If the Thayans of that village learned of his blood, you I would hope would know the horrors of what would follow him. Mistress Ahashri told him that we would travel through Cormyr a land with a strong elfish population, and he could re awaken his true roots. He is very young, but his elven features can be noted. Master Kyre has witnessed him and has taken a liking to him. Any further questions should be in person with Master Larindire Fivrane and with Master Kyre as he can explain his choices in the matter. He Follows Kossuth due to his title of renewal.

    Master Grazzarlig Forgeshaper, our dwarven smith hails from the Great Rift. A Golden Dwarf who searched for us as he followed Kossuth before our travels into the southern lands. He told us of a blight in the west and asked to travel with us till he finds that blight. Master Grazz is very smart, and a skilled crafter, and has a chat with Master Strog, and he has agreed with learning of the "Red Mother" he would stay here until it has been removed from this lands. Any questions with Master Grazz should be in person, as he a delight, however keep Ale away from him he as a drinking problem. For a dwarf.

    Mistress Sylralei is a elven huntress who found us on the outskirts of Cormyr. However I know little of her as she only spoken with Mistress Ahashri, and has said she seeks our flame. She had to tend to something to the north of Arabel, but said she would arrive in due time. I myself wish to learn more on her. As soon as she arrives I will send for Master Kyre. So that she may meet with him and your kin

    Servant Olo, One of the fist, Servant to Mistress Ahashri, and one of the Eternal Flame. I was born of Thayan blood, my mother a slave girl, who died in birth, and I was forced into another slaves arms, even before I opened my eyes. The Koussth clergy purchased myself and others to be train to be servants a rank above slave if you would, to clergy. The term in your words would I take as Butler. I was raised at a early age, until my 13 year where I was forced to take the path of the Eternal Flame, and was cleansed of my form in the flames. I found balance within the flame. I was then tasked at the age of 30 to servant under the young mistress Ahashri, I have followed and cared for her since.

    Our pilgrimage was to seek out the shrines of Koussth, and restore a upset in the balance of the world.

    As of now we have found a cause to this city and wish to removed the "Red mother" from these lands, as her blight as the strongest sway at the time. We will remove this blight and pure the lands with fire, and from the ashes of the blight we will regrow the wood, and build a shrine to know the world can be held within balance. I know a shrine is west of the city, but a closer one is needed. We would not be opening another lava pool, but to stand as a reminder of balance, we would continue to the west after this to continue our pilgrimage

    I am Thayan, My life for the flame. We do not follow the Mages of Thay. We am reborn within the Fire

    Servant Olo

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