A single poster found in the SouthEast district

  • Builders Guild

    There will be no heaven nor hell for your kind.

    We elves burn the dead.

    And when we send your souls to Yutrus, he will know it was elvish steel that brought your disgraced hides before him.

    -The Warband-

  • Yutrus will be waiting for us once you end us if you do. He will not be disgraced as we have done what he has asked of us so far. But we will not fall to your Warband instead we will get that Amulet you hold from us by that you giving it to us begging us to save those you love, or us taking such from your rotting corpse left for the Lord of Rot to feast on you. you can still give us that Amulet and we will forget about all of this and move on.

    The Rotting One

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