On the subject of the Thayan Mageocracy

  • Angels of Glory

    As a man from Unther I have some knowledge of the Thayan mageocracy.
    The most that you ought to know is that they are slavers and devil worshippers, and their alphabet is based on the infernal alphabet.

    Thayans commonly take elven slaves in their youth. They are pressed into brothels or trained as pleasure servants. They are not permitted to learn magic. Due to an elf's comely appearance they are much sought after.

    At the age of a century, the elves are discarded and slain, to ensure that they can perform no retribution against their masters now that they are fully mature. It constitutes one of the greatest injustices known to the gods, the despoilment of innocence for the pleasure of their appearance and body.

    Auhron, Sword of Justice.

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