The Truth about Fang

  • She is more snake than dragon. She does like to talk, but then leads you in to ambushes. Her speeches are like a bitter cake, compelling, but take one bite and you will have a bad taste left in your mouth. Said cake's ingredients: Three cups of lies, some venom from the motives of her dark heart, and a sprinkle of truth to get it to look just right. But it is anything but right. But there is HOPE. Even for Fang. Repent! Turn away from evil. Be saved, and make ready for the New World.

    Amal, HOPE Ascendent

  • Shu Feng actively worked with and supported a drow warrior who was responsible for murdering hundreds of innocents. She defended it against the warriors of the light who purged the creature, shattered it's axe and thereby freed the souls of those contained, including her claimed 'friend.'
    She killed paladins who sought only to perform their duty in exterminating darkness, for she embraces it herself.

    She chose hatred over honor.

    Auhron, Sword of Justice, Bearer of the Golden Quill.

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  • Fang threatens the Children of the Southwest with fire and devastation. She is more red dragon than woman now... Ask why would the Militia grant such a beast power? Any good person would know the answer and will know what must be done. Come to the South West and save your souls. Join the fight against Evil and save lives! People of Arabel, you are the light of Hope that will save this City. The light that will reunite us with the good folk of Cormyr.

  • The Winged Snake is at her lies again. Our leaders added more guards to keep our people safe from forced relocation or expulsion. Not to keep them prisoner. We are united by faith, not held in place by fear.
    Fang says the fireball was a comment in a chat..... It was no meer passing comment. It was a repeated threat if I did not comply. That same conversation she offered me freedom if I turned against my faith. She calls me the fool, and fool I may be. But I was wise enough not to be swayed by her lies. I hope you, good reader, are even less a fool than I.

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