The Truth about the Cult of Glory

  • Greetings fellow adventures

    I notice some new faces passing through this city, who do not understand who the cult of the Lady Glory (or Bright Eyes) is, and why they are a dangerous threat. Being one who has seen there rise to prominence with my own two eyes (and I take pride in my observation skills.) I feel I know them better than most.

    I shall firstly recount some stories, that I feel show there true character.

    The Fools Crusade

    One of my first encounters was when the “Fist of Mercy” and “Sword of Justice” were both human. Along with a prophet of the cult, they gathered a bunch of commoners, farmers and labourers and went on a crusade against 'evil!'. Myself and bunch of adventurers under the command of Sargent Hatchet, then of the Militia, realised quite quickly that these commoners running of into the woods were liable to die pretty quickly to a rather savage direwolf, decided to escorted these woefully ill armed crusaders to try and keep them safe.

    Sadly were half a dozen trying to defend ten times our number, and a rather random orc warband all but slaughtered them in a flanking attack. Being sane and caring people, we were understandably quite ashamed that we had lost so many men for such little gain.... but by contrast the remaining Bright Eyes were overjoyed that so many of there brothers and sister had been sent to heaven fighting evil. I observed in the aftermath that there bodies rose to the sky on pillar of light and were collected by angel... which isn't how the gods normally collect the souls of the dead. That day my concerns of the true nature of Lady Glory were born, I still known not her true nature, but I know her followers are a death cult that wants everyone to join them in death.

    Rhylazaer the Drow Executor of South East

    Anther matter you may have heard of is of Rhylazaer the Drow Executor of South East. Now this vile piece of trash had killed a dear friend of mine called Iraeidifil with a demonic axe. I would have killed him myself, but he held her soul, and I was in the middle of trying to negotiate it out of him, so my hand were tired in taking direct action. Being a nasty piece of work and blatantly hostile, it wasn't surprising when the Glory Cult turned up with posse of seven for him. Myself and my brass dragon blooded sister, Kala, informed the posse that we had come out to see how things played out. We took position some distance away, far away enough to avoid fireballs, but close enough to see everything. Before long the drow turned up and told them he would kill a small child with his demonic axe if they didn't leave. They immediately started battle and he kept his dark promise. Being the tricky sort of warrior, he used darkness to escape. The Glory Cultist immediately started making death threat to us for “aiding evil”.

    Feeling perhaps it was wise to leave, myself and my sister started to leave, only for the posse of seven attack us in the back, while we were both unarmed (not a issue for me, but Kala isn't a unarmed specialist). Unsurprisingly Kala didn't escape the cowardly ambush. Feeling very pissed off I then informed them via sending if she wasn't returned to me safely there would be blood. They didn't, so I took payment in the form of vengeance, cutting down one of there number and bloodying the nose of the others. In the madness many random people were murdered, by the cult and the drow, including the drow himself. In the aftermath, Gytechris the half golden dragon, managed to get Kala back to the land of the living, but the lesson that Glory Cult doesn't see third parties stuck with me.

    Finally I shall leave you with his piece from the “Fist of Mercy”

    The Death of Mercy

    Mankind shall take something from Celestria itself
    In doing so they will think they can prevent it
    Through its perversion, my lady herself shall have to strike it down
    And with its destruction, Humanity will seal it's final countdown
    That shall be the final end

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees this 'prediction' as a threat.

    Those who seek to make further inquire with me, should seek me in the World Serpent, I rather enjoy intelligent debate by the fire.

    Shui Fang

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