Letter: Malwen..

  • White Claw Tribe


    This is Claw of the white claw tribe.. i heard your men felt the wrath of the Rotting lord in its full glory and i bet you wonder why such occurred since we had a friendly relationship. Well your recent annoucement about the gods and such really angered my tribe and does not have a place in this region slander other gods but not the Rotting lord, Perhaps we could meet in a neutral location to discuss your comments and settle our differences but i wont go out of my way to do such im just offering you a chance.

    -White Claw tribe



  • The White Claw animated the sweet Febriewiewien after the Tiamatans and Elves fell her with petty magics.

    If the full wrath of the Orcs is to feed on the scraps of battle then he misjudged them.

    The Orc was instructed to handover the broken body of their fallen Elf but refused him. The lines have been drawn, there can be no peace.


  • White Claw Tribe

    {A white hand of a dead orc is sent to Malwen and in the centre of the hand lies his name in blood..}

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