Posters go up around the Southeast District.

  • White Claw Tribe

    Today, the vile Red Mother cult tried to spread their false god and the corruption that comes with it.
    They were feeding meat to the poor that was tainted by the Red Mother.
    But the White Claw Tribe, defenders of the Southeast-east District, stopped this from happening with the help of the Dragons.
    But as the Dragons chased the Red Mothers around the place, the Bright Eyes thought it would be a good time to step in.
    As they came, they cut down an innocent bystander then looked at The Rotting One.
    The Rotting One does not back down from a fight, so the fight commenced.
    Once all the Bright Eyes were cut down, an Angel from the sky showed to end all that was there.
    But the Rotting Lord would not allow this, he weakened the angel so that his champion, The Rotting One, could strike it down to defend the Southeast and those who live in it.
    Let this show to you all that the White Claw Tribe is not here to harm those who live here, we are only here to push back those that wish to do harm upon the Rotting Lords work, offer him a sacrifice at the start of every week, leave something to Rot and he shall save you from his White hands of sickness and disease.

    The Rotting Lord
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  • White Claw Tribe

    This day the White Claw have now gone to war with the elven warband as they hold an amulet that the Rotting Lord wants. They have refused to hand such over to us so now they shall feel the full wrath of the Lord of Rot as many have before, I will be willing to pay 10,000 gold for the amulet, or I will be willing to pay 2,000 for one of the warband given to me alive. If you see this elven fifth in the Rotting Lords land cut them down, show them that the Rotting Lord is greater then them, Make them feel the White hands of rot and decay.

    The Rotting one
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