Weirdly enough: bring back CL 10 dispels

  • With new level range, the old unbalanced caster level 10 dispels have become somewhat of a must. Unless a high level caster is faced with a fellow caster, the chances of them getting dispelled are slim to none.

    This means a high level caster, (wizard/cleric usually), who are already the 2 strongest classes, can fearlessly fight hordes of enemies as long as there isn't a fellow caster on the other end who has dispel prepared.

    Let's take a level 13 wizard. The dispel consumables currently available are CL 5. That means the one trying to dispel is rolling against 12+ 13 (caster's level) using 1d20 +5. To dispel even one effect they have to roll a 20 to dispel even one effect. If the enemy caster is level 14, they simply cannot be dispelled with the consumables currently in place, creating an even bigger power gap.

    Yes, i was one of those who campaigned the hardest against getting the CL 10 dispels removed at the time, but that we when the average level was considerably lower. Currently, a CL 10 dispel would be the same as a CL 5 dispel was in the previous level range.

    Caster are already the strongest, but needing a caster to have a chance at dispelling them makes the gap even bigger.

  • Yeah, my cleric was only ever dispelled by another high lvl cleric.

  • @Mortui said in Weirdly enough: bring back CL 10 dispels:

    Yeah, my cleric was only ever dispelled by another high lvl cleric.

    YYees. Even with CL 10 dispels, he dispeller still has to roll high, but with CL 5 vs a lvl 14 caster, they literally cannot dispel them, no matter how good the roll

  • Angels of Glory

    I'm not against this for the duration of the 6-14 to level range. It makes sense.

  • White Claw Tribe

    i say yes bring them back but make them slightly harder to find so not every pc has a pack full of them cause even at the level range it can be quite lame.

  • Any word on if this is doable or viable to add back? I don't know how much work it is and i realize that balancing current module is not top priority, but if i were to choose, i would choose this one to be one of the key balancing moves to class balance.

    (to have wands being possibly lvl 10 that is, bloodstones too, due to their illegal nature)

  • Admin [DM]

    If any scripters want to tackle this, feel free.

  • Any news on this?

  • Admin [DM]

    Probably won't occur for v5. Other priorities.

  • We don't need it for V6, it would be bad to have it for that.

  • Admin [DM]

    To clarify, it isn't happening unless a scripter decides they want to do this. I will upload the script change if it does occur.

  • I got one scripter saying he won't do it without DMs voting on it, but he would do it if they did....

  • I would 100% prefer seeing Lesser spell breach become the common consumable, and dispel consumables becoming rare.

    We can edit the spell breach list of spells (and order priority) to balance it.

    It fixes every problem we've had with dispel, because it always works but never overbearingly so.

  • If it comes to editing the script, it would be nice if there was a variable that consumables used that told the script how many spells that specific item can remove.
    It may be CL for transparency, or a hidden variable for balance reasons.
    One can always include it in the item description, right?

    As for the live-cast version of the spell, it could well be the default value (three, do I remember correctly?) or use a reagent like the summon themes for stronger effect.

  • This would also make certain unused buffs a useful defense.
    I'm all for amplify being first priority! 😃

  • I don't mind putting the focus on lesser spell breach eventually, but let's be realistic, since this is a discussion for the remainder of V5, not V6. Which is the more realistic option to happen at this point?
    A: The slight tweak of bloodstones and wands to be able to be CL 10
    B: The monumental effort of making sure lesser spell breach appears in the right places, making the items for it etc.

    Seems a no brainer, since current version is basically floating dead in the water at this point, even option A seems to be deemed too much effort, option B will never, ever happen.

  • You need to edit each item individually anyway.
    Same effort with basic spell breach items.

  • Admin [DM]

    This is only going to happen when our volunteers get around to it. Further discussion is unwarranted.

  • But Spiffy, further discussion among -DMs- seem necessary since at least one who says they can do it doesn't want to without the DMs agreeing on this. Have the DMs voted on this at all?

    You point at the scripter and they point at the DMs having to agree to this as a team before doing it, so something obviously needs to be voted on.

  • Admin [DM]

    @SpiffyMeister said in Weirdly enough: bring back CL 10 dispels:

    This is only going to happen when our volunteers get around to it. Further discussion is unwarranted.

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