Trixie's Book of Songs, Poems, and Ramblings

  • I am Trixie Dy'nei, singer of song and writer of poems! I just recently arrived to the City of Arabel, and it's a right might mess. Not that Myth Drannor was any better, but here I am. Having to hear cultists at every turn screeching out chants they call music. Ugh. I am mostly sun elf, but I think I must have some wood elf in my lineage, I mean how else did I get my copper hair? I've joined up with an elven warband and we will make Arabel right again.

    There's our leader, Ilythrra, a priestess who follows the teachings of Sehanine Moonbow. She's not the warm and fuzzy sort, and seems mostly annoyed with me, but she is a very capable leader. Her first in charge is Kyre'Kerrym. Now he can sword dance with real grace, that one! I could watch him fight all day. Saelothil is our tracker. He's young and rather cute, but very serious and I've been task with helping him. He might be a little frustrated with me too, always yelling at me to stay back. But that is sooo boring. Lastly, is Rodia. She is kind of a big sister to me, but a little cranky. I mean if I had a diety who only let me have fun once a year at a festival, I guess I would be too. What this band really needs is some morale. Heck, Arabel needs it too!

    Last night, I had a great adventure with my band, but it ended badly. Seems we were after some undead dwarf that tried to kill us in the sewers. The dragon lady, Kalaasha and the Ebonhawk retainer, Jac Tac, went with us. Before we knew it, we were all trapped in a tomb. We had to lay to rest an elven hero, who left a relic which was obviously meant for elves! And Damn, if dragon lady didnt steal it. I mean the nerve! And Saul piped up, and chaos ensured, and she struck down Kyre, Saul, and Rodia and came after me. I had tried to help by shooting arrows, but I knew I wasn't a match. Well I can run fast, and got away while I sucked down an invisibility potion. I sat in a corner of a trapped tomb, waiting for the potion to run out and my time with it. Then suddenly, we were jolted into the underdark. And there I was, visible, a lone elf staring at Kalaasha and Jac Tac. No band, just me.

    Awkward. I fully expected her to kill me there. She just glared at me, annoyed, like everyone else does. She ordered me to follow her, and so I did and we battled our way out. I guess I am kind of thankful she didn't kill me, but still she knocked all my kin down and claimed elven property. So she deserves a little bard humor.

    I have a song in mind for her. Although first, I need to get some really fast boots and a couple potions of invisibility before I sing it in front of her.

    The Dragon Thief

    She dances to the left,
    She twirls to the right.
    Schimitars in hand,
    Dragon wants to fight.

    You think her an ally,
    Believe she's your friend,
    But she'll betray you with greed
    Steals what's yours in the end.

    Don't argue with her.
    The points rather moot.
    The dragon thief will knock you down
    And steal all your loot.

    BEWARE the dragon thief.
    Kalaasha the bold
    Stealing precious relics
    And hoarding all her gold.

  • Trixie strums her lute, starts jotting lyrics...

    The darkness falls,
    Fight the foe.
    Tide of battle
    Quickly grows.

    Warrior swords
    And elven bows,
    Dance my heroes
    Bring them low!

    Ancient tower, wizard's pleas,
    Comyr burns and angels sing.
    Glory, rot, and crimson trees,
    All destruction these will bring.

    Warrior swords
    And elven bows.
    Dance my heroes,
    Bring them low!

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