• A gem has come to the city for supplies. She has found things are even more crazy in the city of men. Angels walk the street. Dragonkin roam. Men fight and die on the very street. Even dead things wander in the dark unchecked.

    A gem is not sure what to make of all this. It hears of the Glory and its redemption. But it also hear of the death it brings. A gem does not wish to die. She wonders why the heavens wishes to destroy everything. Man and beast. The world. Is it not where souls are to be challenged and then, when their time comes, they are judged and sent to the realms beyond, where they belong? A balance of sort. A gem wonders, but she is not a wise thing.

    A gem can only do her best to survive as it has always done.

    A gem may follow the Tel Quessir a while. They have always been good to her, even if she is not one of them.

  • A gem is getting stronger over time but she must be wary of may things. Rotting orcs who smell of death roam and attacks angels and Tel-Quessir. Assassins lurk the shadows and strike at angels. Daughters of Dragons steal elven artefacts. Even angels threaten of doom.

    A gem spoke with a man of angels and his brothers. The brother was cold and strict, he did not show patience with a gem. But a man of angel did and made a gem understand better a Glory. Angels bring the end of a world because manfools will take something from the heavens they should not, if a gem understand correctly. Actions of men will doom the world. A gem seeks to find a way to stop this end of a world. She will do what she can before she embraces a Glory.

    A brother of an angel seemed not to care for Life. Only to vanquish evil and convert souls to a Glory. Life is important. It is why a gem wishes to save a world if she can. Nature matters to her eyes, even if she feels an angel, and perhaps even a Glory, does not care for it. If there is no saving a world, then a gem will do what she can to save her soul. She envies Tel-Quessir. They can march into their heaven without needing to die. A gem hopes they go home when a a world will be about to end. She would not want to see elven souls taken to the lower planes.

    A gem is going to help Tel-Quessir and Children of dragons to find a way to save a world. She will do what she can to aid. A Red Tree of aberrant comings is a great threat she is told. It may be why a world will end?

    A gem must learn more.

  • A gem has become Elf Friend. She has saved elven lives more than once now. A debt is being repaid. A gem is glad of this.

    She wandered in a strange tower this eve. It is not here. A scholar thinks it is probably not on Toril. But where is a Tower standing. If it stands. A gem has only seen a few rooms of it, with wards blocking paths everywhere. An attempt by the silver sorcerer was made to look beyond the wards. A bad idea that was. A gem remained because a songstress was there, and an elven warrior. A gem had to help them.

    What came from a crack in a ward was... simply horrid. It brought pain in a gem's mind, and it tried to pull a group though the crack. When an elven warrior struck it, he started to turn to dust. What this.. thing? brought was death. But not simply death. Nothingness. A Void. An elven warrior was able to resist it and avoided death. Eventually, our resistance, or perhaps the flickering mage, ended the being from beyond. it turned to salt and crumbled to the ground. A gem felt it was unwised to touch this salt and warned so.

    A flickering mage asked why we were trying to break what we could not repair. He spoke of what was beyond the wall but, a gem is not sure what a flickering mage meant. "The Outside"... Many questions were asked with no answers. Even a scholar could not tell. A better scholar will be needed for answers. If there are any answers.

    All a gem knows, is that "The Outside" is dangerous and deadly, that a Tower is not here but somewhere, that it was of Netherese and its people too. She is starting to think maybe time is broken in a tower too, but she is not mage or archmage. She does not know these things, so she will let those that do figure it out. There is enough craziness in a world and plane she lives in, she wont try to understand the insanity of another place she does not wish to live in.

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