Major Faction: Order of the True Sun

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    Theme Song: The Impossible Dream

    A woman lashes herself before an altar, where a shining flame sits in a brazier, filling the whole room with light.

    "We the holy suffer in penance for our sins, and work the will of the gods of good in this plane."

    The whip is covered in bristles and thorns, gashing into otherwise fair skin, as thin droplets of blood fall upon the ground as she gazes upon the fire with fervor written in her eyes.

    "We the holy shall do the work of God, bringing law and order to the land."

    Crack, the lash works across her muscular back.

    "We shall condemn the sinner, cast out those who would compromise with evil. Break the wicked, and uphold our canon."

    She takes a deep breath, pressing her forehead into the cold, unforgiving stone, sweat beading from her brow as she kneels before the brazier before her, pained groan issuing from her lips.

    "All in the name of the True Sun, our Lord and Light, Amaunator."

    Faction Description

    “We bring the purifying Light of the True Sun. Only the corrupt and wicked need fear us.”

    The True Sun came be in the coalition of Gondegal when the Church of Lathander in Suzail, ordered them to stand down from their efforts in Northern Cormyr. Not liking the heavy handed, and unusual precedent, they viewed this as corruption and put down stronger roots in the North, and raised the banner of the Risen Sun over the small keep gifted by Gondegal. The order is based around the belief that the time of Lathander's transformation is nigh and Amaunator is about to return.

    Led by Lord Commander Seipora el’Jassan the Pure, the Order of the True Sun are a monastic group of Knights, Monks and other faithful who subscribe to the True Sun Heresy. Spreading the vision that Lathander is but a false name for the All Powerful God of Absolute Law and a benevolent ordered society, they uphold the Lathanderite Zeal to defeat evil, while subscribing to a draconian code of honor to which violations of which are punished harshly. It is said every single member of the Order is held to the same standards as the most uptight paladin. Their code of honor and conduct is common knowledge as they take pains to let every single person in the region know what can be expected from the Knights. To err is human, to make mistakes forgivable. Only those who embrace their sin should be considered monsters.

    The Order is most often seen patrolling the areas outside the city where they enjoy great popularity and support. They persistently watch over the farmlands, keeping them safe while others in the coalition can barely keep the city secure. The Order of the True Sun, with Amaunator's light said to be a purifying power and a source of righteous justice is a constant presence in the lives of those under the Order's protection. While they view the politic/intrigue of nobles and factions within the city with contempt, they participate in the Council, as the voice of a lawful, benevolent government free of corruption while carefully looking for signs of rot within.

    The Oath

    1. A Knight Shall Never Betray Their Trust. All promises shall be upheld, and if something should prove impossible to complete, penance and compensation shall be given- provided that the person who was given the promise fulfilled their end of the bargain.
    2. A Knight Shall Always Uphold the Law, striving to be fair in all things. If given the choice between the right thing and the law, a Knight shall choose the law, unless an act of obvious and evident evil would be performed.
    3. A Knight Shall speak no falsehood, and if fact comes to light that a statement spoken was previously wrong, then the Knight Shall strive to correct the error made.
    4. A Knight shall always strive to be courteous, in action, speech, and written word. A Knight shall not defame their opponent with licentious rumor unless evidence is provided to prove allegations made.
    5. A Knight shall always confront chaos and evil when found, the only exception would be in cases where the cause is lost, and only retreat is acceptable. The Knight shall lay down their life to protect the innocent in such cases, if it proves to be necessary.

    It is said breaches of any of the above codes shall result in the lashing of the knight.. Repeat breaches can result in harsher punishments. It is said the Knights take great pains to cultivate a reputation of absolute trust and goodwill toward their organization, and take dim views on those who would attempt undermine this public trust. More than one challenged has been issued in the face of slander.

    A Knight may add personal codes of conduct as fitting.


    • Humans are predominant but as virtue can reside in all, any who prove their worth are welcomed.


    • Strong Lawful Neutral with Good Tendencies.

    Preferred Deities:

    • All faiths not standing in opposition to the founding principles of the Order are welcome. (Orthodox Lathanderite are barred entry for example)
    • All players must subscribe to the True Sun Heresy to join but need not actually be of the faith. This is simply done by acknowledging Amaunator as the True Version of Lathander.
    • Orthodox Lathanderites are barred entry.
    • True Sun clerics have access to the Fire, Good, Law, Nobility, Renewal, Sun, and Time spell domains.

    How to Join: A player is to squire to an existing PC Faction Member. Should the Member not exist in their time zone or no players exist in the faction, applications will be accepted to begin as a Sergeant at Arms.

    Faction Perks

    Law Enforcement powers outside Arabel

    • A Sergeant-At-Arms has the power to enforce law and Sentence for Lesser Crimes(Conduct searches, arrests)
    • A Knight-Errant can enforce law and Sentence for crimes up to Serious etc.
    • A Knight of the True Sun can enforce law and Sentence for Capital crimes and summarily execute those who break the law, acting as judge, jury, and executioner.

    Faction Base
    Free Storage
    Free Rest
    Faction Gear/Uniforms
    Faction Forum
    Faction Store
    Custom perks

    Faction Ranks

    • Squire-at-Arms (Non-App)- Up or out rank to test the faction out, get involved and work on the app.
    • Sgt-at-Arms (App)
    • Knight-Errant
    • Knight of the True Sun - becomes a "noble" and uses Sir
    • Knight Captain of the True Sun


    • Rising in ranks in this faction can be slow, as certain requisites not made known to players need to be met. We encourage players, however, to make flawed characters who struggle to meet the admittedly unrealistic expectations of the faction.
    • This order is known to recruit from the dregs of society believing those that have fallen the furthest have the most potential to be renewed and rise from their failings. Applications with dark secrets/pasts, criminal backgrounds, or other flaws are encouraged.

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    Seipora el’Jassan the Pure - Deceased 1360DR

    Daughter of the Sun


    The late Lord-Commander Seipora the Pure, was Commander of the Knights of the True Sun and their ecclesial leader, she was the cut-and-pasted figure of a pious woman with fanatical undertones shining in her eyes. Her tanned, sun-kissed skin and dark raven hairthat once flowed past her brown eyes made her a symbolic ideal of beauty and perfection in the eyes of many in Arabel, and something of a 'cult of devotion' had developed around her beauty.

    Many followers of Sune lament that the gorgeous woman instead should had dedicated herself to the ideals of a heretical cult, when she spearheaded the religious movement of the Return of Amaunator from her castle outside of the city. A strict puritan she upheld all of her followers to the highest ideals of law and righteousness, and thus, the zealots were few in number- often relied on House Valyan to augment numbers as they encountered trials outside the city as they dedicate themselves to the safe keeping of the lands under their tenure and management.

    The reputation of Seipora culminated around her person is one of absolute truth and faith- that every word she spoke was to be trusted. She took any accusation of falsehood seriously- were it from herself, or her underlings, and made it plain that her ideal- indeed, she proclaimed, every mortal's ideal, was to come closer to god, and bring Heaven's Kingdom to this fractious mortal plane.

    Her relationship with Gondegal's Arabel was a consistently tense one- as she strongly disapproved of the lackluster rule of law inside of the city, as well as Gondegal's apparent inability to be consistent in his judgments and ruling. However, to the south, the Orthodox Church of Lathander persistently sends preachers to discredit the heretical knighthood, and perhaps- fortunately for the city, the religious infighting the Knights engaged in with the "False Church" occupied most of their time.

    Her ideals and dreams were brought to a sudden end, after her assassination within the walls of Arabel in 1360DR.

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    Jorlin Rosebloom


    A young looking man dressed in the uniform of the True Sun. Jorlin is the Chamberlain of the True Sun and deals with the day to day running of the order. As the face most often seen by the many commoners, he is reputed to be a good listener, with a good heart and fair disposition. He's consider the more responsible twin, compared to his twin brother Sir Edric.

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    Sir Edric Rosebloom


    Dashing, heroic, and an utter flirt, Sir Edric is well known for his skirt-chasing habits and love for the bottle. Nevertheless, he will risk limb and neck to protect the People of Arabel, doing so in style. He's consider the more handsome and impulsive twin, compared to his twin brother Chamberlain Jorlin.

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    Selinti the Unchained


    Selinti the Unchained, Master at Arms is fabled for her no-nonsense attitude. She does not understand nor care for jokes. Any attempt for small talk or banter will result in only a stiff frown and raised eyebrow. Those whom dare to break the code of the order, will be at the mercy of her strikes.

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    Purizajar the Confessor


    A finely dressed fire genasi with a touch of flamboyance. He holds himself proudly wearing a dark blue tabard with a six-pointed stylized sun in pink, red, and yellow with a larger twelve-pointed golden sun of Amaunator behind it.

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    Juniper Hilltop


    Once a wanted criminal, Juniper was the third member of "The Awful Three" before being taken in by the Knights of the True Sun. She now works on redeeming herself and earning her rebirth.

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    Angelica Martin


    Angelica is a friendly Sergeant-at-Arms whom is part of the regular Calantar's Road patrol. She has a thick Suzalian accent and wears the symbol of Amaunator.

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    Maltes Rosebloom


    Cousin to the famous Rosebloom twins, Maltes serves as Quartermaster of the True Sun. She is a no nonsense woman with a distinct lack of humour.

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    Ulga Witherbrook


    Once a vile bandit and menace, Ulga was reborn in the light of the True Sun when given another chance in life. After being hit in the knee by a fireball, she has retired from the battlefield and serves as a internal merchant instead. Trading valuable goods in return for items desired by the True Sun.

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