[Curator Inmai Mush] [DM]

  • Honored Curator, I hope this letter finds you well. Your knowledge of all things antique and magical is well known.

    I found a shattered blade in the lair of savage lizardfolk. It bears the name of a Saint Servius, and it holds a faint magical power yet still even in its broken state.

    Can you examine this blade and perhaps tell me the history of it. I will bring along some others to hear what you have to say. I plan to use this blade for the glory of the dragon honor against their foes.

    Kalashtaara the Brass

  • Admin [DM]

    Saint Servius was a heroic Paladin who fought a lizardfolk uprising from long ago, he blessed many blades to aid his company of men in protecting the innocent from the scaled menace.

    Unless you intend to fight the reptilian races, I doubt his sword will do you much good.

    -Inmai Mush

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