Elven Warband

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    New Concept,

    In the mist of the chaos of the Bright-Eyes war, Myth Drannor has lost one of their own. A caravan travelling the once well-protected roads of Cormyr was beset, leaving scores slain elvish warriors. This blow has shaken the realms of the elves to its core, and in response, an Elven Warband has been dispatched to her last known location: the Road of Arabel. These elvish warriors bare the mark of the Warband, known among all elves as a sacred symbol of union to protect their own. They bring with them judgement and wrath as they begin to hunt down those who have declared war without declaring themselves.

    Elves have their own duties and opinions on the Bright-Eyes war. They may agree, or disagree, but despite their feelings on it, life in the elven kingdoms continues to go on, and they have their own problems to see to. With the whole world at war and beset with conflict, they turn to each other for protection and unity as they have done in ancient past. This concept is about standing together and saving their own. The realms of elves have stood for thousands of years, and will do so for a thousand more, or so the Elven Prophets say.

    But peace cannot be achieved without putting down the enemy. Someone has broken the old code, and taken one of their own. They do not ask for ransom, or any kind of prize. This lord was taken to create conflict, and the elves band together to meet it.

    There is potential for this faction. We're looking for folks interested in a different side of elves, but all elves are welcome besides Drow.

    • Elven Rangers hunting down their favored enemy who they believe could have committed this atrocity are encouraged

    • Elven Clerics who believe this is a test of the gods.

    • Elven Sorcerers looking to benefit from rescuing the Elven Sorceror Lord

    • Elven Warriors of the Band sent from various cities to assist in the Hunt

    • Elven Paladins sworn to defend the elven way of life.

    There are a couple of us already, but we're looking for a few more! Hit me up on discord, or send me a PM if you're interested!

    Alignment restrictions:
    Neutral, Good, any non-evil really.

  • As I would think, so shall you;
    As I would feel, so shall you;
    As I would do, so shall you;
    As I would not harm, nor shall you;
    As I would, so shall the clan;
    As the clan would, so shall I;
    As we would, so shall you.

    The People are as one, and never shall I stray from this, nor shall you, for to digress is to diminish you and your People.

    The crusade is coming.

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