Letter: The Custodians

  • White Claw Tribe

    Listen here we dont praise Red Mother The rotting one is stronger and he the only one we praise.

    We could ally with you but what is in it for us? we have no grudge against the Angels and we dont want such to make us divert from our missions set by The Rotting one..

    So please enlighten us.

    -White Claw Tribe

  • Orcblood,

    If you hold no grudge against the Angels then we have no use for you. They wish to end the world at the behest of their winged bastard Gods, and there is no reason for any of us to let that happen.

    On the matter of the Rotting one being stronger than the Red Mother, that is down to you to prove. you know how to find us, issue a challenge and we will best you, and prove who is the stronger.


  • White Claw Tribe


    The Angels spread much death yesterday and that is all we have to go on so far which pleased the Rotting one... We have just returned to this region and know nothing on the happenings or beings in the area.

    If the Angels are trying to take over then we will oppose them however we dont praise the Red Mother and never will she is not a Deity..

    -White Claw tribe

  • Admin [DM]

    Servant of the Rot,

    An alliance of mutual protection is in our interests, as heaven views us both as cancerous sores and oozing pus on a world they would 'cleanse.'

    Arrogance provokes animosity, humility causes cooperation- mutual survival is what is important.

    Temper thy words and consider the future. I do not claim to be a goddess- merely, a fledgling seed hoping to grow.

    The Herald

  • White Claw Tribe


    I am sure that a alliance would be most useful for the both of us, so I see no reason for us to say no if these so call angels are to try to cleanse the word that we are trying to rot for our lord, but we only bend our knee to the Lord of rot.

    Do you spread rot?

    -White Claw Tribe

  • Admin [DM]

    I spread a new world, it is for you to judge this.

    If my Custodians elect to trust you, they will lead you to me.


  • White Claw Tribe

    {Letter is sent back crawling with maggots}

    Okay i will speak to one of your servants and judge this new world.

    -White Claw tribe

  • //arranging a joint time for this will be a nightmare!

    White Claws,

    Let us hunt together. We shall hunt a rival orc tribe, one that does not pay enough reverance to you or openly mocks your chosen god. We will retreive their strongest warrior, preferrably alive.

    What do you say?


  • White Claw Tribe


    YES! The tribe shall submit to the rotting one and join the white claw tribe. This will be a chance for the Rotting ones men to grow as for the chief do what you will with him once the tribe has been smashed into submission he will be of no use.

    -White Claw tribe

    //Weekend we may be able to set a time

  • We shall meet soon.

    Soon, your tribe will be feared among your kin, and you shall be remembered among the humans and the orcs.


  • //what time saturday/sunday? We'd prefer late GMT, which I think is morning Aussie time.

  • White Claw Tribe

    //Any time after 8 or 9 am AU time suits us but if thats too late then i could try work around it

  • //You are +11 GMT? If so, 9 am would be 10pm GMT? So do you want to do this on Saturday or Sunday Morning?

  • White Claw Tribe

    //We are GMT +10 and sunday would be best

  • White Claw Tribe


    What is your view on the Dragon followers? they move on south district soon and want my help... if they are enemies of yours i will crush them and take area for us instead.

    -White claw Tribe

  • Currently, the dragon cult is an irrelevance and seek a pile of gold for their dragon. Once we capture a orc chieftan, you will see the power and benevolence of the Red Mother, you will also see the potential for your reformation of the White Claws. After that occurs, we can discuss a formal alliance, and should the terms be appealing, any enemies of yours shall be enemies of us.


  • //thinking friday (sat morning aussie time) or saturday (sunday morning aussie time) if suits

  • White Claw Tribe

    //i have something to do sat morning so sunday morning Aussie time will suit best

  • //looks like we are down to me and possible you two, so it could be tricky.

  • White Claw Tribe

    Angel was Humiliated today and Marked by Rotting one i hope you heard his weeps and praise to his false Faith!

    -White claw tribe

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