Bounties of the South East

  • psted around the district, the sewer bar and the World Serpent

    Auhron the Honorless

    Major Crime: Cold blooded murder of Kalashtaara the Brass for her 'sin' to quote 'not fighting evil hard enough'. Murder was done as a honorless backstab while surounded by a Glory bully squard of 6-8 fully armed men and women. Victum was unarmed at the time.

    Bounty: 10000 coins if brought back alive to face justice. 7500 if killed and evidence shown to me that he will not reach his false god.

    Avoidence: If he brings me the body of my fallen sister and makes oath to amend for his bloodlust, bounty will be removed.

  • Information wanted on the murder of Zorah the mercenery. Belived to have been killed by the Cult of Glory in there rampent bloodlust.

  • Bounty removed in the light of Gytecris accord and the return of our sister. Information still required.

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