Wares of the Lord Executioner:

  • -Mace +2

    -Amulet of wisdom +2

    -Plate of my old drow bitch. ((Splint +3, looks amazing))

    -Harper amulet (universal saves +1)

    -Amulet of fiery will ((fire resistance 5)

    -4 deadly electric traps (Oh, my apologies, not for sale. Just wanted certain people to know i had them)

    -Judge Johan's blade , valuable because of its historic importance (Greatsword +2)

    -Pilgrim's boots (+1 ac, +1 ac vs evil (stacks), +1 constitution)

    Send your bids to Axeman's Qaurter. Don't piss me off by making them insulting, you'll regret it. (You have been warned)

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