The Canticles of the Nameless Crusader: Auhron

  • Angels of Glory

    This leatherbound tome remains at the paladin's side and he often glances through it reassuringly

    The Battle-Hymn of the Glory:

    Give peace, Glory, in our time
    Because there is no one else
    Who will fight for Good
    If not You, our Glorious Host.

    I have decided to keep a journal of my actions as a man. I crave the ascension of Celestia, yet I've sensed a certain distance from mortality by the once-mortals who walk beside me as Celestia-in-the-flesh. May this serve as a record of my deeds, whether they remain good or Ill.

    For now, I simply pray Jaston will forgive me for my choice to include the betrayer Arfas in our ranks, however briefly. It is likely the wretch already ran off to Ebonhawk to seek succor there, throwing our mercy in our faces yet again.

    A curious House, and one I aught to think more upon. If any faction is pulling the strings in Arabel, it is not the brutish drow, nor the lockstep blackguards of the Miltia. It is these curious merchants in their dark manor who are vile yet seem to be more subtle about it.

    This bears greater investigation.

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