A sealed letter with a sigil of Torm is left with a messenger Archon. [Gyecris Dwarf-Friend]

  • Angels of Glory

    This letter arrives sealed with a sigil of Torm

    Gytecris the Golden,

    I am Auhron, the Sword of Justice, and I was privy to hearing some of your words earlier when you addressed your kindred. I understand that the draconic entities have taken a stance of hostility towards the Glory. This fills me with sorrow, for half of Dragonkind are Good and fair creatures, and to raise my sword against metallics speaks against my very nature as a paladin.

    As creatures of Good, we have always tried to come to compromise for when our wrath is evoked, it is far grander then the Hells for we fight knowing we are right. Except when we may not be, for it is a great tragedy for Righteous to fight other Righteous.

    The world must be remade in fire and holy light, yet I have pondered the question of what shall happen to those who are not quite innocent, yet have not tread down the paths to the Hells or Abyss. Those who stand in the middle. We desire them to convert for we know it shall bring them bliss and rapture. Yet for those who have not yet made their choice, they are being forced increasingly to do so by that which is wicked and vile. Evil moves quickly and so we are forced to respond in kind. What these 'fence-sitters' may require is a place where they may take the necessary time to choose the Glory rather then be forced by circumstance. A place of shelter or a place of peace so that they can see the Glory is true, with their minds unclouded by fear. I am confident they will choose the Glory over evil with their minds unclouded by daily distraction and danger

    I would ask that we meet or you send one of your Dragontouched to discuss this possibility, of an ark, or a suitable shelter on neutral grounds, that I may later bring it to my angelic superiors. They are goodness itself, but their immortal nature means they sometimes have trouble relating to mortal fears and concerns.

    Please give consideration. I do not wish to fight the metallic dragons, so I long pondered a possible compromise from your words.

    The Sword of Justice,
    Paladin of the Glory.

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    this letter is received

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