The Hymns of the Crusaders

  • Angels of Glory

    These pamphlets and bulletins begin circulating around Arabel, the sheer volume of them meaning that individuals are finding them almost impossible to remove completely The droning of prayer is often heard in the South-West district, an almost constant twenty four hour vigil..

    Prayer of the Crusader

    O my dearest Justice, please bless and protect us, Your Crusaders, so that we become immune to the wicked assaults of the devil and the demon, and to any evil spirits, which may torment us in this Sacred Mission to save souls of this city.

    May we remain loyal and strong, as we persevere to keep Your Holy Name before the world and never waive in our struggle to spread the Truth of Your Holy Word.

    Glory Be.

    //Players are encouraged to post prayers, chants, hymns or speeches in this thread. Maybe we can get some placeables I.G for particularly good ones!

  • Angels of Glory

    The Hymn of the Five Virtues

    The Blade of Justice falls swiftly upon the necks of the deserving, Glory Be.
    The Hands of Mercy cup the souls of those she can save, Glory Be.
    The Eyes of Hope guides us in eternal pursuit of good, Glory Be.
    The Heart of Faith leads us in these times of trouble, Glory Be.
    And Duty grants us the backbone to persevere through our trials, Glory Be.
    And Glory Be Upon Them

  • Angels of Glory

    Faith carries the Holy Sword

    She bore the Holy Sword
    who shattered the Blood War
    She was girded with power
    She rose high above! Glory Be!

  • Angels of Glory

    Gift of the Angels

    Archangels of the Glory,
    Gift us with your eternal Hope
    Gift us with your sense of Duty
    Gift us with your pursuit of Justice
    Gift us with your endless Mercy
    Gift us with your unwavering Faith,

    Glory be.

  • Angels of Glory

    People of Arabel, you are under siege. Not by an invader, but by the very ones that were put in place for your protection. The militia. Evil inside the militia has taken power. They killed the voices of reason, murdered the innocent, and then declared martial law. They are the living dammed, and will suffer for it in this life and the next. But they are damming you, the good folk, as well. Save yourselves and your souls. Leave the areas they control. Come to us. There is HOPE and LIGHT. You can protect your soul, do good works then when you die, you will be saved.

    Follow the Light, know HOPE. Glory Be!

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