Changes to the City of Arabel

  • Admin [DM]

    A -LOT- is going on atm and the DM team needs to keep tabs on what is happening.

    If you:

    1. Feel like an event should be reflected IG via dialogue.
    2. A major event or pc should be mentioned via area description (piked heads, a bloody battle, etc...)
    3. Weird underdark growths

    Mention them here.

    The to do list is as follows:

    1. Move the Arabel quests to the Southeast District or distribute them evenly across the quadrants so no faction has more quests than another.
    2. Give team angel easy access to potions, rest, and a shop.
    3. Put some piked heads in the Axelord's Section

    What else?

  • WSI sewer entrance/eastern wildlands entrance would mean that PCs can move around the city and other faction's quadrants a bit easier and solve the team evil issue pre-factions

  • Iraeidil's head was spiked by the tree where Caldur's corpse was hanged (just outside the serpent) and Ayades' guts hung acress the branches

  • Something visual or in text to show that the Ebonhawk estate was recently warded against the angels.

  • Very general suggestion but, please let the various districts and pcs know (if not exactly a general idea) of what special things they have going on, what npc support, etc. So we can decide how and where we want to use it.

    Ex, i see above the ward suggestion. Let that district know what that entails what benefits or negatives it might have.

    Edit: by doing this and documenting it, it will let the dm team and pcs have an easier time of understanding and keeping track of whats going on. It will also enable the pcs to plan feasibly based on their resources. This can be done in a variety of ways, from simple "how much gold you have to hire mercs" to "how many troops you have to position where "

  • Angels of Glory

    An alternative entrance/exit to the Serpent. It's the unoffical hub and it's pretty lame if it can be denied because of players haunting a single entrance habitually. Defeats the purpose of a general hub. Add more then one way in and out.

    I'd recommend a blessing NPC in the style of Scummy Wizard is added to the Glory South-West that offers very cheap or free buffs to the Glory Faction like the Purple Dragons used to have.. The Glory has tons of priests I.Cly, they can spare one for the Arabellian war effort. They are the 'Pious' faction after all.

    The South West Quadrant needs a way out of the city or to enter the Serpent without high risk.

    I'd recommend Supply Drops events are created for the South-East district, to encourage conflict there. It can range from some gold to potions to plot items to 'power up' a faction.

    The South-West needs a sender NPC.

    Pamphlets can be added in discarded piles around various parts of Arabel detailing statements or propaganda by each faction to help introduce players into the setting.

    The Red Mother should have some minor representation in the city so people know it's a an option.

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