The Thoughts of Shui Fang

  • This city of Arabel has proven interesting, even as it rams daggers in my heart. Iraedifil held promise. Greatness could have been hers, and her wings could have become unfolded, perhaps she could have even been my distraction.... but Rhylazaer axe has ended that. Getting her soul back would be a heroic deed if what I hear is true, through if opportunity rose I would take it, even if it was a mangled thing with only the hope of draconic rebirth for it. To be Dragon is to take what is yours after all.

    For now I can only mediate on the lessons learned. The Glory Cult would end pain and pretend everything was perfect, but I am Dragon, I learn from every scar and every laugh. I seek to be one sees all and holds domain in order, such is the path to greatness.

    Adrian and Kalashtaara are great boons, through they have yet to introduce me properly to the inner circle around the great ones, I can't imagine it will be so much longer. They are Dragon, I am Dragon, and these are testing times. The inner circle will hear from them of my deeds and my eyes.

    Ascension will be mine, my body has been pounded into fine blade, my mind filled with secrets and my heart beats like a Great One in soul, if not form. I will take the first steps towards what should be my -true- form, I will become like Adrian and Kalashtaara soon, I feel it in my heart, I feel it in my soul that rebels against the imperfect body it lives in!

  • My ascension towards being truly dragon has progressed considerably.

    It was was on a isle by the Moonshea. My brothers and sisters with me, as well as a few guests, and we did call the King, the Queen and the Earth Mothers eye. Clarion took the draconic essence I had gathered and feed it to my body, so my ki could grasp and shape it. My body screamed in pain and then...the Queen stared down at me ignited my draconic soul as a grandmother should.

    I was dazed for a while, and in truth I wasn't exactly with it for a while after. But from my back sprung wings, not of blue as I always assumed, or even gold that I considered might be the truth, but red, deep blood red. My fingers and ever perfect nails become talons, my teeth fangs and in the hours and days that followed I grew taller than fair Reis.

    But while my wings are most vorel, what is inside my heart is a mess. I quickly came to understand my ki had been badly disrupted by the process, no longer did wands and other tools listen to me so easy, nor could I can use it heal myself and heck I was even struck by a -cold- of all things last eve.... but I think my first assumption that my ki was struggling in holding my new form together was not completely correct.

    The rest mist that consumes me in battle, while is very much red dragon in source, is a symptom of my own imperfections and failure to truly be the victorious dragon my way is named. Iraedifil death haunts me, because I invested into her, because I had feelings for her.... and because I failed to see the strings that lead her to her death. It no coincidence then when I ventured into that tomb of the Dread Queen, it was her voice that haunted me.

    Similarly I left my homeland of Shou a angry scared teenage girl wanted for murdering the taxman of a lord unworthy of the power he held. My family's fate and his.. I know nothing. But I know I left full of emotion and with nothing but brutality and violence behind me... the same violence that consumes me is the heat of battle, and I fear one day it will corrupt my duty.

    Thus I know to conquer the red mist, I must add pages to these sorrowful tales, the page were I find victory.

    Finding a way back into the Shou Empire will not be easy and will take both planning and likely a mage. Hatchet made it clear she will back me up, but finding a way into a place that likes its borders very much sealed is not obvious at this time

    With Iraedifil it's clear I need to save her soul and then in echo of my own rite, help it become dragon. While my more wild dreams of her thanks are likely mere fantasy... I can save her from torment, even if she knows me not, even if her new form is nothing like her old, and restore my honour and pride.

    The children of Kossuth make rite to talk with the Firelord, perhaps the fire in my blood and the gems in my chests will draw his attention, and least give me a idea of how to find my lost wrymling. Olo desires Amal the fool for some reason relating to this, he might as well serve purpose in this as price for all the chaos and suffering his fanatical brothers have brought. My guess is as a offering. And since Amal rejected my very generous cloak deal, my conscience is clear and a execution is a execution.

    My entry into the Militia, through not via the path I originally planned, is in accordance with my grander goals in this city. For now I need to clean up the militia to a Warwizard worthy level and restore the city to order. Hatchets return is well timed in this regard, she can be a banner of justice in many ways better than me.... but I suspect I will need to bloody my hands much yet to bring unity back.

  • Zzyczesiya

    That's the name the Firelords told me through Olo in the volcano. I assume its demonic, but all things considered, is it Iraedifil's new demon name or her jailers?

    Olo thinks the truth may lay in the Helmlands, and since he is touched by Kossuth, I'll take it as honest hint. So I will search that place, till truth is found. But I believe it would be error to only seek answers in one place. I can not help be wonder if this demon spider link in somehow, it might be completely separate, but the strings of demon and drow are present in both, so perhaps?

    I will also see if the Archmage Kanthea known the name at least, through that will mean sneaking into the Glory controlled district. I will make it double duty and see if she needs any support over there. Considering her position, she likely a bit isolated and the districts liberation is likely tendays away yet... and her duties are key to the regions safety.

    My blood still boils with hate and the red mist still keeps falling down on my eyes, but thanks to the Firelord, I hold the key to Iraedifil's salvation and my own. I will have to ensure the debt of honour is repaid.

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